Top Ten: Fantasy Sports Podcasts Listeners

The countdown is on for the 2016 NFL season which begins on Thursday, September 8th.   As football fans prepare to cheer on their favorite professional teams, many are also preparing to build their own fantasy leagues.  To build a winning fantasy team, armchair coaches must do their research and this season podcasters have been one of the first to provide information and predictions on which players should be at the top of drafting rosters.   Will this give fantasy sports podcast listeners a leg up during the upcoming drafts?  Only time will tell.  To kick off the fantasy football season, Nielsen Scarborough took a look at the top 10 markets for Fantasy Sports Podcast Listeners, persons who have used the internet/app for fantasy sports/football information and have listened, watched or downloaded a podcast during the past 30 days.

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Source: Nielsen Scarborough USA+ Release 2 2015

Ranking Methodology= Market rankings are based off the 77 DMA’s (Designated Market Area) measured in Nielsen Scarborough’s USA+ database.




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