The Super Bowl of Brands

SuperBowl 2013_shutterstock_165925859We know that the Super Bowl™ is television’s big night of the year, delivering a huge audience. We also know that the viewing of commercials is as much an American tradition as having beer and snacks during the game. But what we sometimes know less about is how the two perspectives collide. Enter Scarborough with sports statistics to share the brand side of the Super Bowl story. Featuring many of this year’s advertisers, we examine Broncos Fans* in and Seahawks Fans** in their own cities, and their usage of brands who are Super Bowl sponsors. Also, because this game is taking place at Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ (part of the New York local market), we also included the perspectives of NFL Fans in NYC+ in our analysis.

Budweiser™ & Bud Light™

Seattle Seahawks Fans and Denver Broncos Fans have similar drinking habits, at least when it comes to beer. More than half (53%) of fans in their respective markets consumed any type of beer during the past month. That’s good news for Anheuser-Busch InBev, who will feature ads for its Bud Light and Budweiser brands during the game. Bud Light is the drink of choice for Broncos Fans and Seahawks fans as 16 percent and 11 percent of these consumers drank Bud Light during the past month, respectively. It is also tops for NYC NFL fans, with 13 percent consuming it during that time frame.


Pepsi™ & Coke™

Pepsi is sponsoring the halftime show and both Pepsi and Coke will have ads during the game. Scarborough examined their flagship brands as well as Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke. Broncos Fans, Seahawks Fans, and NYC NFL Fans all count Coca-Cola as their top beverage, with one in five or more drinking it during the past week.


Chevy™, Toyota™, Volkswagen™, Kia™ & Hyundai™

The Super Bowl always brings vehicle brands to the game. Scarborough analyzed potential new auto buyers, defined as those fans who plan to buy or lease a new or used vehicle in the next 12 months, to find out what they currently own or lease in their household. While Chevrolet and Toyota are the auto Super Bowl advertisers who boast the highest percentage of fans currently owning their vehicles in the markets examined, Volkswagen, Kia and Hyundai all have differences among the markets.

For example, Seahawks Fans who are planning to buy a vehicle are 18 percent less likely to own a Volkswagen but 19 percent more likely to own a Kia.  Broncos Fans who are planning to buy a vehicle are 41 percent more likely to own a Volkswagen but eight percent less likely to own a Kia.  And NYC NFL fans who plan to buy a vehicle are more likely to own both a Volkswagen or a Kia – 25 percent and 22 percent more likely, respectively.


Intuit™ & TurboTax™

Online banking and going online for financial services are popular internet uses among  Broncos Fans, Seahawks Fans, and NFL Fans in New York. Intuit, a maker of financial and tax prep software, and its TurboTax brand will feature spots during the game. Therefore, Scarborough examined online financial habits and found that fans are likely to utilize online banking and look up financial info online.


Fantasy Football and NFL Web Properties

Of course, the Super Bowl serves as the annual marquee brand appearance of the NFL itself. Scarborough examined the likelihood of  Broncos Fans and Seahawks Fans to visit their team’s websites, and other sports-related online activities. Fans of both teams are avid players of fantasy football and are likely to go online for sports scores and updates.




WANT TO LEARN about Super Bowl viewers? How about what NFL fans do when they aren’t watching the game on television, or attending one? Contact Scarborough today for more!

*Broncos Fans are defined as those adults who watched a Broncos game on cable or broadcast television during the past year, listened to a Broncos game on the radio, or attended a Broncos game during this timeframe and live in Denver, CO.

**Seahawks Fans are defined as those adults who watched a Seahawks game on cable or broadcast television during the past year, listened to Seahawks game on the radio, or attended a Seahawks game during this timeframe and live in Seattle, WA.

+NYC NFL Fans are defined as adults who are “very, somewhat, or a little bit interested” in the NFL.

We referenced AdAge’s list of brands participating in the Super Bowl for this article.

SOURCE: Scarborough Sports Marketing, Seattle, Denver and New York Local Market Studies, Release 2, 2013.





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