The Stakes Are High at Belmont!

As I’ll Have Another has bowed out of the Triple Crown quest due to an injury, this year’s Belmont Stakes will have everyone watching to see who the new crowd favorite is for horse racing fans across the U.S.

Capturing History

Scarborough Sports Marketing found that viewers of the Belmont stakes are ready to carefully review the action at the finish line; with 48 percent owning a DVR they’ll be able to clearly decipher the new champ. If it comes down to a photo finish perhaps they can give their input to the masses since 34% who use social networking have photography experience.

Betting on a win

Belmont Stakes Viewers aren’t afraid of a little risk. 39 percent of 21+ Belmont Stakes Viewers have been to a casino in the past year and they are 21 percent more likely than the average U.S. casino-goers to have played table games (black jack, poker etc). If their bets pay off, they’ll be ready to celebrate as over 1.5 million Belmont Stake Viewers age 21+ have bought champagne or sparkling wine in the past 3 months.

Spotlight on Horse Racing

Horse-racing fans can be found rooting for athletes outside the stables as well. Fans of horse racing are twice as likely as the average U.S. adult to be fans of IndyCar, Supercross/motocross and NHRA.  As mainstream media picks up the momentum building for this Saturday’s race it gives horse racing a chance to grow their fan base which is currently at 20% of all U.S. adults.  The excitement that has built up around horse racing in the past few months might even draw interest from new generation a fans who were able to witness this exciting race season.

SOURCE: The source for the data in this article is Scarborough USA+ Release 2 2011.




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