The NBA is Back and So Are Their Fans

Demographic and social insights on NBA fans

The NBA season lost a handful of games due to the lockout, but it doesn’t appear to be affecting interest in the sport as NBA ratings on ESPN, TNT and NBA TV are all up so far this season. A handful of teams, including the Timberwolves and Clippers, have double-digit percent increases in attendance. Clearly, the core fan base never left and is excited with the return of pro basketball.  Let’s take a closer look at the avid* NBA fan…


  • 26% more likely age 18-34 and 69% more likely men 18-34
  • 22% have a household income of $100,000 or more and 16% more likely to not be married

Great numbers for bars and restaurants, both in venue and outside the arenas


  • 49% on Facebook and 66% more likely to use Twitter

Engage these fans socially in venue and via game broadcasts


  • More likely to use Hulu (113), Pandora (128) and YouTube (116); also more likely to watch movies (129), video clips (116) and TV programs (111) online

Think highlights, top plays and customizable video replays via web and mobile devices


  • 36% currently own a smartphone (22% more likely) and 8% plan to buy one
  • Most popular activities on phone are text message (66%), e-mail (33%) and search (29%)
  • 40% more likely to use social networks on the device
  • 9% currently own an iPad and 10% plan to buy one

Numerous opportunities to engage in a creative fashion outside of the venue and game broadcasts

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* Avid = very interested in NBA




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