Scarborough Gift Guide for Holiday Cheer

Everyone has someone on their list that's difficult to shop for. This year as we head into the holiday season, Scarborough encourages shoppers to think about their gift recipients in terms of consumer groups like Working Moms, Sports Fans, Arts Enthusiasts, Connected Consumers and Status Seekers. To make your holiday shopping easier, we have compiled a  gift guide that provides insight into the … [Read more...]

Women and Finance: Digital Devices Give Women More Control Over Their Financial Future

Digital devices such as iPads and smartphones are giving women an edge when it comes to controlling their financial future. According to Scarborough, nearly 13 million U.S. women manage personal finances by going online to seek out financial information. This financially savvy group of women* (referred to as “The Group” throughout the remainder of this article) is 14 percent more likely than other … [Read more...]




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