Media Habits Of The Hispanic Millennial Voter

Since the last presidential election Hispanic Millennial Voters have grown by nearly 2 million and  make up a large proportion (40%) of the 19 million registered Latino voters. Finding ways to join the digital and traditional components of each medium will help in producing optimal results to reach this key voter segment. This infographic highlights the media habits of the Hispanic … [Read more...]

African American Voters: Media Strategies To Encourage Turn Out At The Polls

African American Voters played a dynamic role in the 2012 elections when turnout at the polls reached historical proportions. In 2016 this voter segment will continue to play an important role in the outcome of many political campaigns.   In this article, the second in a series overviewing key voter segments for the 2016 elections, Nielsen Scarborough examined the media consumption behaviors of … [Read more...]

Independents in the Swing States

The 2012 presidential election is today and while many states can be identified as either Democrat or Republican leaning, Ohio* and Florida* remain swing states; battlegrounds in which voters may lean in either direction. In order to more clearly understand voters in both of these states, Scarborough has put together an analysis of adult residents of Ohio and Florida who are registered to vote and … [Read more...]

Do Viewer Preferences Revealed in Television Viewing Indicate Media Bias on Cable News Networks?

An election season cannot pass without candidates using phrases such as “media bias” and “media elite.” Scarborough examined the self-proclaimed political party affiliation* of viewers of major cable networks in the U.S. The analysis shows that both Democrats and Republicans tend to prefer specific cable news networks—does this indeed indicate a bias on the part of such networks? According to … [Read more...]

Candidates to Fight for the Independent Voter in Upcoming Political Debates

On October 3, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will engage in the first of their presidential political debates, competing for the less-definitive votes that lie outside of their parties’ bases. Voters from both parties are sure to tune in to watch them go head-to-head on the issues, but it is the Independent Voters who are a key segment for which the candidates will be vying. In anticipation of the … [Read more...]

How to Use Scarborough/TargetSmart Voter Registration Data

The recent addition of the TargetSmart voter registration data into the Scarborough studies will allow for richer political target profiling.   This article will discuss how to use TargetSmart data to define specific voter targets and how to look at the media that reached them best.  Step 1: Define the Absentee/Early Voter It has been said the in many states the absentee or early voting is … [Read more...]

Ohio Early/Absentee Voters Infographic

On Tuesday, July 17, President Obama’s campaign filed a lawsuit against Ohio’s top election officials over the swing state’s law that restricts early voting in the three days leading up to the election. Our new infographic reveals insights into the Ohio Early/Absentee Voters, defined by Scarborough as registered voters who are early voters, absentee voters or permanent absentee voters. These … [Read more...]

Marketing to Consumers with Active Lifestyles: Get Social and Mind Your Content

Americans with extremely active lifestyles are upscale and youthful – a desirable target for many marketers. But targeting these Active Consumers requires establishing brand connections through content that interests them. An analysis from Scarborough finds that Active Consumers* have a passion for music and seek listening content via a wide variety of platforms. They access video programming … [Read more...]

Trying to Reach Active Voters? Consider Newspaper.

The 2012 elections are shaping up to be the priciest in history with estimates as high as $3.3 billion spent on television advertising alone, representing a huge increase over the 2008 election season.  Media companies are scrambling to get their share, and while most of this money is spent on local television advertising, it is clear that newspapers are also an efficient and effective medium for … [Read more...]

Finding Republican Voters

Successful political marketing campaigns rely on a balance between local grassroots efforts and the implementation of savvy national ad buys. This infographic from Scarborough helps political marketing teams better understand Republican Voters by identifying who they are, what they like and how to reach them. By identifying how Republican Voters can be reached and revealing activities and … [Read more...]




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