Hispanic Millennial Voters: Digitally Driven But Media Diverse

The number of Hispanic voters continues to grow.  Since the last presidential election their ranks have grown by nearly 3 million with Hispanic Millennial Voters making up a large proportion (40%) of the 19 million registered Latino voters.  Representing nearly 8 million of the registered voter population, the Hispanic Millennial Voter segment accounts for the largest growth sector among Hispanic … [Read more...]

African American Voters: Media Strategies To Encourage Turn Out At The Polls

African American Voters played a dynamic role in the 2012 elections when turnout at the polls reached historical proportions. In 2016 this voter segment will continue to play an important role in the outcome of many political campaigns.   In this article, the second in a series overviewing key voter segments for the 2016 elections, Nielsen Scarborough examined the media consumption behaviors of … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Securing Political Advertising Revenue

The 2012 election season is noted as the most expensive in history. What does this mean for the 2016 season and how will you secure your political advertising revenue? Advertisers and media planners/buyers use different media platforms to deliver messages – whether it’s TV, radio, online, out of home, print or email. Determining which platforms reach which voters is an ongoing discussion. As the … [Read more...]

Democrat Voter Base Highly Influenced by Celebrity Endorsements

Democrats's voter behavior is more influenced by celebrity endorsement  than Republicans or Independents, according to Scarborough. But statistics find celebrity endorsements do not necessarily translate into actual votes. Scarborough examined “Voters Influenced By Celebrity”* - those registered voters who say that celebrity endorsements influence them to buy a product. Voters Influenced By … [Read more...]

Trying to Reach Active Voters? Consider Newspaper.

The 2012 elections are shaping up to be the priciest in history with estimates as high as $3.3 billion spent on television advertising alone, representing a huge increase over the 2008 election season.  Media companies are scrambling to get their share, and while most of this money is spent on local television advertising, it is clear that newspapers are also an efficient and effective medium for … [Read more...]

Finding Republican Voters

Successful political marketing campaigns rely on a balance between local grassroots efforts and the implementation of savvy national ad buys. This infographic from Scarborough helps political marketing teams better understand Republican Voters by identifying who they are, what they like and how to reach them. By identifying how Republican Voters can be reached and revealing activities and … [Read more...]

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday, which acts as a litmus test for candidates’ prospective national electability, is the day when ten states hold their Republican primaries. A new infographic from consumer research firm Scarborough reveals current voting trends and insights into American adults who are registered to vote, self-identify as Republican and “always” vote in elections. These Republican Voters make up more … [Read more...]




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