Skills-Based Volunteering Benefits Companies, Nonprofits and Employees

Corporate volunteerism is a common component of many company's corporate social responsibility programs.  One of the most common forms of corporate volunteerism is skills-based volunteering (SBV), a service by individuals or groups that capitalizes on core business skills, experience or education to help nonprofits build and sustain their capacity.   With 28% of U.S. adults having volunteered in … [Read more...]

Local Market Leaders in Volunteer Work

Local market consumer insights company, Scarborough has analyzed the top local markets of the 27 percent of American adults who have participated in volunteer work, volunteering programs or volunteering organizations in the past 12 months. While Volunteers from all of the United States have contributed their time to different relief efforts for varying crises, certain local markets are more … [Read more...]

Atlanta Shows its Southern Hospitality Through Giving Back

Volunteerism and donating to charitable causes are the hallmarks of Atlanta’s Southern Hospitality, according to consumer research firm Scarborough. Atlantans are more likely than the average American to volunteer and contribute to a wide variety of charities. But their uniqueness does not end there. Atlanta statistics show that its residents are avid travelers who enjoy a great theme park, and … [Read more...]




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