DIY Travelers: Cost Conscious, But Well-Traveled

Now with summer officially underway, it’s travel time for many Americans.  While there’s no denying the convenience and expertise gained from using a travel agent, many Americans prefer to take the travel planning reigns themselves and go at it DIY-style.  According to Nielsen Scarborough, over 38 million adults in the U.S. classify as a DIY Traveler: they would rather book a trip over the … [Read more...]

Baltimore Travelers: Targeting the Affluent Crowd

Tourist boards and other vacation-oriented companies can find a goldmine of insights by analyzing Scarborough data for information about people in Baltimore who have stayed in an upscale hotel within a year’s span of time and who are 18 years or older. As the accompanying chart shows, New York is one of the top markets attracting this set of people, referred to as “Upscale Baltimore … [Read more...]

Local Tourism: Making Leisure Plans Closer to Home

With the Keep it Local Movement resonating across the country and a desire to be more economical, families are staying close to home for leisure activities such as trips to the local zoo, circus, theme park, or professional sporting event. A new Scarborough analysis shows 19 percent of U.S. adults with two or more children under 17 years of age in the household traveled 100-199 miles in the past … [Read more...]




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