All The Single Ladies: Getting Her To The Polls For The 2016 Election

In 2008 the Grammy award for song of the year went to Beyonce’s "Single Ladies". The song became an anthem for single women who gravitated to the ideals portrayed in the lyrics - “I could care less what you think, I need no permission, did I mention”.   That independent attitude continues to gain momentum as does the size of the single female voter population.   As part of an ongoing series of … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: The Power of Your Exclusive Audience

We often focus on building our largest possible reach when profiling some of our smaller, niche audiences can prove to be a very telling story.  In this edition of Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit we focus on profiling your exclusive audience. Exclusive audience can have a variety of meanings – exclusive to a major competitor, to all other similar media, to a completely separate media group, … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico Adults Have Diverse Media Habits

Puerto Rico Consumers Watch Nearly 35 Hours of TV and Listen to 24 Hours of Radio; 79% Read Printed Newspapers Scarborough profiled media habits in Puerto Rico with our newly released Scarborough Puerto Rico local market insights. The new consumer statistics show that: Puerto Rico adults watch nearly 35 hours of television per week 79% of Puerto Rico adults read a printed newspaper in the … [Read more...]

Infographic – The Changing Media Landscape

How has usage of media shifted as the country becomes more technologically savvy and socially inclined? In a new infographic, Scarborough illustrates the ways media consumption has evolved due to increased internet access, the narrowing of the age gap in usage across media platforms and the way geography influences media orientation. This infographic explains how these seismic shifts reflect an … [Read more...]

Does Multiplatform Media Consumption Exist Across Generations?

It is considered intuitive that younger people use more diverse devices than older people in order to consume media - but does that mean older adults don't use any technology to get their news or enjoy television shows and movies? As our world and news cycle becomes faster-paced, in what ways are older generations making attempts to keep up with new media platforms? And how much further ahead of … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: What You Need to Know About Your Client Before You Meet

A major advantage of having a local market database is the ability to “do your homework” prior to meeting your potential client.  We often assume our clients have access to local data and understand their marketplace, when in fact, they don’t.  You can be a consultative seller in helping them understand the true landscape of their business as well as how your audience can aid in their … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: A Closer Look at How to Leverage Scarborough Statistics

Does your station tell your best story?  With the pressure of looming deadlines, we often use the numbers in which we are most comfortable with and can miss a completely different and more compelling story. Some people go right to a high index, others may only highlight their large target audiences. At times we may want to focus on our own audience and at others we should talk about our … [Read more...]

Spending Habits of Second Screen TV Viewers Show Advertising Potential

From Hulu subscriptions to hi-definition viewing on the iPad 3, consumers are accessing television content over multiple platforms. Scarborough examined the emerging group of Second Screen TV Viewers* and found that they represent a young, diverse demographic set who are among the country’s top spenders online. In the market for new cars, Second Screen TV Viewers seek to outfit their homes with … [Read more...]

Don Draper: Mad Man of Mystery

Mad Men returns with their fifth season Sunday night after more than a year-long hiatus. This return is highly anticipated as many modern American adults may see themselves in the 1950s Mad Men characters. According to Scarborough's alcohol trends and statistics, 37 percent of American adults age 21+ drank hard liquor in the past 30 days—and a lot of alcohol consumption does happen on Mad Men. … [Read more...]




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