Spending Habits of Second Screen TV Viewers Show Advertising Potential

From Hulu subscriptions to hi-definition viewing on the iPad 3, consumers are accessing television content over multiple platforms. Scarborough examined the emerging group of Second Screen TV Viewers* and found that they represent a young, diverse demographic set who are among the country’s top spenders online. In the market for new cars, Second Screen TV Viewers seek to outfit their homes with … [Read more...]

A Look at Mobile Payment Plans for Non-Credit* Consumers

A recent analysis by Scarborough examined cell phone statistics on mobile billing for “non-credit” using consumers, or those adults who did not use a credit card in the past three months. More than one-quarter (26 percent) of these non-credit cellular users are on prepaid usage plans. Seventy-five percent receive their bill each month. “Prepaid plans have historically been targeted to … [Read more...]




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