Scarborough Gift Guide for Holiday Cheer

Everyone has someone on their list that's difficult to shop for. This year as we head into the holiday season, Scarborough encourages shoppers to think about their gift recipients in terms of consumer groups like Working Moms, Sports Fans, Arts Enthusiasts, Connected Consumers and Status Seekers. To make your holiday shopping easier, we have compiled a  gift guide that provides insight into the … [Read more...]

Scarborough Sports Fan Rankings: Packers Continue Their Reign

If you have spent time in the state of Wisconsin, you know how the Green Bay Packers® dominate the hearts and minds of folks in America’s Dairyland. Scarborough Sports backs up this observation with our local market insights. When defining a fan, Scarborough uses a combination of adults in a market who have watched a team on television, attended a game in person, or listened to a game on the … [Read more...]

NASCAR Fans Tune In for Daytona 500 & Plan on Purchasing New Wheels

“The Great American Race” the 55th Daytona 500®  will be held Sunday, February 24.  The Daytona 500 makes NASCAR® unique among most American sports in that its biggest event kicks off the season rather than concluding it.  The 500’s standing among NASCAR Fans* is evidenced not only by its tradition and legacy but also by television statistics indicating that Daytona 500 garners a TV  viewership of … [Read more...]

Atlanta Shows its Southern Hospitality Through Giving Back

Volunteerism and donating to charitable causes are the hallmarks of Atlanta’s Southern Hospitality, according to consumer research firm Scarborough. Atlantans are more likely than the average American to volunteer and contribute to a wide variety of charities. But their uniqueness does not end there. Atlanta statistics show that its residents are avid travelers who enjoy a great theme park, and … [Read more...]

College Football Fans Stay Tuned for Conference Championship Games

With Thanksgiving behind us and the new year on the horizon, the college football season finds itself at a crossroads.  With the respective regular seasons largely concluded and the bowl season ahead, a handful of games have gone a long way toward determining which teams will find themselves playing where this holiday season—and, who will vie for the National Championship. College football is … [Read more...]

The Puck Drops Here!

The puck drops tonight for Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals, pitting teams from opposite coasts, the New Jersey Devils and the Los Angeles Kings, against each other in a highly anticipated series. While the new home of the Cup will be decided on the ice, let’s take a look at the home markets of both teams to see how their respective fan bases match-up. The Los Angeles market has a population … [Read more...]




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