Gen Y Cheers for Peers in Olympic Games

As athletes from all over the world prepare for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, fans across the nation are filled with excitement about cheering for the incredible athletes of Team USA. Though the Olympics is an age-old sporting event that people of all ages enjoy (57% of all U.S. adults say they are "very, somewhat or a little bit interested" in the Olympics), 18 percent of … [Read more...]

NBA Finals Tip Off Tonight with the Miami Heat versus the Oklahoma City Thunder!

This year’s NBA Finals matchup between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder is highly anticipated as it will include the three-time NBA scoring champ, the reigning league MVP, the NBA Sixth Man of the Year, young talent all over the court and enthused fan bases. With Game One tipping off Tuesday night in Oklahoma City, Scarborough Sports Marketing takes a closer look at the fans: Miami has … [Read more...]

The Stakes Are High at Belmont!

As I'll Have Another has bowed out of the Triple Crown quest due to an injury, this year’s Belmont Stakes will have everyone watching to see who the new crowd favorite is for horse racing fans across the U.S. Capturing History Scarborough Sports Marketing found that viewers of the Belmont stakes are ready to carefully review the action at the finish line; with 48 percent owning a DVR they’ll … [Read more...]

The Puck Drops Here!

The puck drops tonight for Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals, pitting teams from opposite coasts, the New Jersey Devils and the Los Angeles Kings, against each other in a highly anticipated series. While the new home of the Cup will be decided on the ice, let’s take a look at the home markets of both teams to see how their respective fan bases match-up. The Los Angeles market has a population … [Read more...]

Indy 500 Fans Live Life in the Fast Lane

Sunday, May 27, marks 101 years of the Indianapolis 500! This race has gained a dynamic fan-base during its century plus years of existence. Scarborough analyzed motorsport fan behavior of U.S. adults who watched the Indy 500 on TV in the past 12 months and found that they mirror the racers they admire by living life in the fast lane. Indy Viewers take part in the quick service dining … [Read more...]

Fans Celebrate the 2012 Kentucky Derby Race

The 2012 Kentucky Derby race kicks off this weekend on May 4 and 5, but just who will be watching the Run for the Roses? According to Scarborough Sports Marketing, the Kentucky Derby is a classic sport with audiences that are a little older – 40 percent of adults who watched the Kentucky Derby are Baby Boomers* and 30 percent are age 65+. Though Kentucky Derby viewers are older, they’re also … [Read more...]

NFL Fans Excited for the Draft!

As NFL fans across the country get ready for the action Thursday evening and wonder which new players will join their favorite team this fall, Scarborough Sports Marketing takes a closer look at the teams drafting in the first round and their fan interest. According to Scarborough Sports Marketing, 28 percent (65M) of all U.S. adults are Avid Fans of the NFL, meaning they are “very interested” … [Read more...]

Home Plate vs. Home Country

While avid Hispanic fans of Major League Soccer (MLS) and Major League Baseball (MLB) each play a role in the makeup of the fan bases across the U.S., the correlation behind such support is a bit of a curve ball. Scarborough and Geoscape Hispanicity segmentation data shows that avid Hispanic fans of  MLB are 24 percent more likely to be  Americanizado* and 25 percent more likely to be Nueva … [Read more...]

Minor League Baseball Attracts a Young, Tech-Oriented Fan Base

This summer, thousands of Americans will bring their families to watch their local MiLB team. In return, MiLB teams across the country will bring their fans – and sponsors – a great sporting experience. With the countdown to the season opener already started, Scarborough thought it would be timely to share some of the product usage and demographics of MiLB game attendees.   MiLB Fans … [Read more...]

The PGA Masters Tee-Off

One of the sure signs that spring is here is the PGA Masters – the first major golf tournament of the year. The Masters occur at the same time when at least half of the country starts thinking about getting out their golf clubs and heading to the course. Attending the Masters is on the bucket list for many sports fans, and even watching the event on television helps many of us usher in the … [Read more...]




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