Washington D.C., Austin, TX, and Portland, OR, Have a Healthy Outlook

As the leading cities for consumers who have a positive outlook on their health, Washington D.C., Austin, TX and Portland, OR, have some basic health factors in common. Their residents tend to be active and belong to gyms, and enjoy various forms of exercise – from jogging and swimming to yoga and soccer. But the ties that bind the top cities for Health Optimists* go beyond enjoying a good … [Read more...]

Big Spenders Tune Into Radio

A new analysis from Scarborough profiles the shopping habits of America’s Big Spenders who are avid radio listeners – those adults who typically say they are a “spender rather than a saver” and who are among the country’s top radio listeners*. These Big Spending Radio Listeners are 14 percent more likely than the average adult to have shopped a fine jewelry store during the past year. They are … [Read more...]




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