Back to School Shopping: What Retailers Need to Know About Busy Parents

As the Back to School shopping season kicks off it’s important for retailers to understand who their customers are and how they shop in order to create a positive shopping experience.  Retailers need to understand that not all shoppers are alike and cater the customer experience toward specific shopping segments.  “Busy Parents*”, parents with children under the age of 18 who agree “I am so busy, … [Read more...]

Back To School Shopping: Reaching Busy Parents

As the Back to School shopping season kicks off it’s important for retailers to understand who their customers are and how they shop. In this latest infographic Nielsen Scarborough examines  shopping habits of  “Busy Parents*”, parents with children under the age of 18 who agree “I am so busy, I often can’t finish everything I need to in a day”. These parents will be out in full-force this summer … [Read more...]

Increase Holiday Sales By Unwrapping Gift Splurgers

Download a free infographic one-sheet highlighting Gift Splurgers       According to the National Retail Federation, 2015 holiday sales are expected to reach an estimated $630.5 billion dollars. In order for retailers, manufacturers and shopping outlets to get their fair share of the shopping bag, it requires an understanding of the consumers who are most likely to … [Read more...]

Top Retail Trends to Improve the Customer Journey

Retail has undergone an omnichannel transformation into a true customer journey, consisting of many touch points on multiple platforms that drive brand engagement with every interaction. Each contact presents an opportunity to deepen the relationship with consumers and show that retailers are listening to the wants and needs of their customers while showing unique value of their brands. As … [Read more...]

Washington D.C., Austin, TX, and Portland, OR, Have a Healthy Outlook

As the leading cities for consumers who have a positive outlook on their health, Washington D.C., Austin, TX and Portland, OR, have some basic health factors in common. Their residents tend to be active and belong to gyms, and enjoy various forms of exercise – from jogging and swimming to yoga and soccer. But the ties that bind the top cities for Health Optimists* go beyond enjoying a good … [Read more...]

Convert Website Visits to in-Store Visits with Your Digital Presence

As ecommerce becomes the norm, brick and mortar shops can combine digital efforts and in-store tactics to develop an edge in providing a more personalized shopping experience with a more effective marketing strategy. While ecommerce is convenient, 36 percent of U.S. adults still say they did not shop online in the past year. One reason could be that online shopping simply is not the same … [Read more...]

Scarborough Gift Guide for Holiday Cheer

Everyone has someone on their list that's difficult to shop for. This year as we head into the holiday season, Scarborough encourages shoppers to think about their gift recipients in terms of consumer groups like Working Moms, Sports Fans, Arts Enthusiasts, Connected Consumers and Status Seekers. To make your holiday shopping easier, we have compiled a  gift guide that provides insight into the … [Read more...]

23% of Moms in Reno Watch Reality TV Home Makeover Shows

Perhaps these Moms* are looking for ideas on how to decorate their own homes? Moms in Reno may seem like a very specific topic, but Scarborough is attending the NAB Small Market Television Exchange this week and we noticed a lot of attendees are coming from Reno, NV and we all know that  Moms are an important consumer target. Eighty-one percent of Moms in Reno watched a broadcast TV station in … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Give the Gift of a Targeted Consumer Group this Holiday Season

WAAA Delivers the Perfect Holiday Package Finding new ways to portray your audience as active consumers can sometimes seem like a daunting and repetitive task. Demographics, audience rankers and spending habits have all become standard reporting; however, while these reports are still the cornerstone of crafting a strong story for our audience, it is important to challenge yourself and develop … [Read more...]

People Viewing Digital Video Displays at Malls Spend More

Back-to-school shopping has already begun, and the holiday retail season is not far behind. Despite the rise of online shopping and other alternate retail experiences, mall shopping remains a staple of the American retail routine, with over 204 million – or 86 percent - of adults visiting a shopping center during the past three months. That experience has become even more of an opportunity for … [Read more...]




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