PBS Member Support Spans Across Screens

PBS has educated and entertained generations of viewers, driving the public to give back with charity donations to show appreciation and keep PBS programs on air. PBS Members, defined as households that contributed $35 or more to PBS TV in the past year, are an affluent and educated group with growing mobile interests. Nine percent of the U.S. population are PBS Members. Since 2010, smartphone … [Read more...]

Public Radio Anticipates Political Advertising Revenue

Recently the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that public radio and television stations will be able to accept political advertising dollars.  If this ruling stands, public radio stations may be able to contribute to the anticipated $4.9 billion to be spent in the 2012 political cycle. According to Scarborough, weekly public radio listeners (M-Su 6A-12A cume) may also be … [Read more...]




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