Sales Manager Toolkit: Illustrate Spending Power

The value of your audience takes a whole new meaning when using Nielsen Scarborough’s spending questions. Scarborough's tools provide simple approaches to find the mean, median, and total dollars spent for dozens of categories in the database. This edition of Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit uses the grocery category to focus on the power of illustrating the revenue your audience can bring to a … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Securing Political Advertising Revenue

The 2012 election season is noted as the most expensive in history. What does this mean for the 2016 season and how will you secure your political advertising revenue? Advertisers and media planners/buyers use different media platforms to deliver messages – whether it’s TV, radio, online, out of home, print or email. Determining which platforms reach which voters is an ongoing discussion. As the … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico Adults Have Diverse Media Habits

Puerto Rico Consumers Watch Nearly 35 Hours of TV and Listen to 24 Hours of Radio; 79% Read Printed Newspapers Scarborough profiled media habits in Puerto Rico with our newly released Scarborough Puerto Rico local market insights. The new consumer statistics show that: Puerto Rico adults watch nearly 35 hours of television per week 79% of Puerto Rico adults read a printed newspaper in the … [Read more...]

Millennials’ Driving Habits Are Geared Towards Alternative Transportation

Caitlin Jones is an award-winning, 25-year-old chef working in one of Albany, NY’s finest restaurants. Despite her success, she walks to work and relies on her boyfriend and public buses to get around. Buying an iPhone 5 just after it was introduced to the market was a really exciting event, and far more important to her than the prospect of owning a car. Caitlin’s transportation and technology … [Read more...]

Long Distance Drivers Go the Distance with Online Spending

People who drive more than 200 miles a week (Long Distance Drivers*) are very well compensated for their work, and those dollars flow right through to big online spending habits. Not only do these kings and queens of the road have lots of opportunities to view traditional out-of-home signs as they drive through America, but they are much more likely to see digital displays than the average person … [Read more...]

Digital Video Displays and Social Media Intersect at America’s Amusement Parks

Amusement Park Goers* are far more likely to view digital video display ads in more places than the average American, according to a new analysis from Scarborough. The consumer statistics also show that Amusement Park Goers are avid social media users, illustrating the important relationship between the two mediums. Amusement Park Goers View Digital Displays All the Time and … [Read more...]

The Role of Out-of-Home in the Miami Wireless Market

Competition for consumer dollars in the wireless industry is as heated as ever. Smartphones are getting even more robust and carriers are enhancing their options to attract an increasingly elusive customer base.  Twenty-eight percent of all consumers nationally now own a smartphone and it is clear that manufacturers and carriers alike need to remain creative in building brand loyalty because 10 … [Read more...]




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