Young, Multicultural Consumers Fuel Online Retail Purchasing Growth In Key Categories

Do you  remember the first item you ever purchased online?  Or when you made that purchase? Online retail sales now represents $373 billion dollars or 11% of total retail sales and are expected to increase to over $500 billion by 2020, according to a recent article. Nielsen Scarborough examined online buying categories to see which have experienced the largest growth over the past 5 … [Read more...]

Coupon Clipping & America’s Grocery Shopping Habits

Scarborough  examined America's grocery bills, coupon usage, and the prevalence of consumers going online to grocery shop to see what consumers habits are in terms of spending and saving on groceries. Weekly Household Grocery Bills Tally Upwards of $130, Americans Use Coupons for Savings Nearly one-quarter (24%) of American consumers spend more than $200 on their weekly household grocery bill, … [Read more...]

Millennial Influencers Favor Multicultural Media

Multicultural Media Content Important to Millennial Influencers It is well-documented that Millennials– adults ages 18-29 – are ethnically diverse. Creating communications plans that emphasize connections to their heritage are of particular importance when targeting the tastemakers of this generation, according to a new analysis from Scarborough. Millennial Influencers* are more likely than … [Read more...]

Healthy Lifestyle and Love of the Outdoors Perks for Living in Denver, America’s Top Market for Snow Skiing and Yoga

Thousands flock to the Rockies this time of year to enjoy snow skiing on some of America’s best slopes. But if you plan to lay down roots in the Denver area, you’re going to need to think beyond the skis. Scarborough statistics show that consumers living in this centrally located city are avid yogis who also enjoy hiking and eating healthy. Denver Top City for Snow Skiers and Yogis Not … [Read more...]

Hey Celebrity Designers! Your Celebrity Name is not Very Influential to Top Spenders

The Kardashian Line at Sears. Heidi Klum’s children’s label. Or L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani. The examples of celebrities extending their brands into fashion labels are seemingly endless, and they target shoppers of all socioeconomic levels. However, according to a new study of Top Spenders* by Scarborough, a celebrity name is not any more important to someone spending at the top levels of retail than … [Read more...]

Millennial and Baby Boomer Innovative Gift Givers

Yesterday, Scarborough hosted a webinar which highlighted Innovative Gift Givers. Focusing on Millennials* and Baby Boomers*, the webinar features our new Scarborough/GfK MRI Attitudinal Insights Data and examines what these groups will be shopping for this year, how they feel about shopping and brands and how to reach them. By understanding what drives the behaviors of Millennial and Baby Boomer … [Read more...]

Mobile Phone Usage Provides the On-Ramp for Multi-Device Ownership Among Young Families

Have a cell phone? Have young kids? Then you might just have an iPad, a Blu-Ray disc player, VoIP, and a wide variety of other high-tech items in your household, according to Scarborough. A recent analysis of cell phone users with one or more children ages five and under at home, who account for about one-fifth (19 percent) of the mobile phone-using population, finds that technology is a common … [Read more...]

Back to School

As the bell rings and kids all over the U.S. head back to school, Scarborough analyzed some of the retail trends and technology habits of households with school age children (6-17 years old). Here is a look at how consumers are preparing their kids for the classroom with school essentials. When it comes to stocking up for notebooks, pencils and binders, households with school age children are … [Read more...]




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