Female Olympic Fans Flock to the Fierce Five

The 2012 London Olympic Games were thrilling for both the female athletes of Team USA, as well as their legions of female fans. Team USA won the most gold medals (46) since winning 83 golds in the boycotted 1984 Games in Los Angeles. Twenty-nine of those 46 gold medals (63%) came from the female athletes of Team USA. In addition to this incredible show of female athletic prowess, Team USA had for … [Read more...]

Team U.S.A. and Their Athletic Hometowns

With the Olympics in high gear, we wanted to examine the hometowns of some of the top athletes of Team USA to see if the populaces of their hometown local markets partake in the sporting events of their local heroes. Our market analysis  shows that the residents of the local markets from which the athletes hail are often enthusiastic participants of the Olympic sports in which the athletes … [Read more...]

Gen Y Cheers for Peers in Olympic Games

As athletes from all over the world prepare for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, fans across the nation are filled with excitement about cheering for the incredible athletes of Team USA. Though the Olympics is an age-old sporting event that people of all ages enjoy (57% of all U.S. adults say they are "very, somewhat or a little bit interested" in the Olympics), 18 percent of … [Read more...]




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