Nielsen Scarborough Sales Manager Toolkit: Highlight The Strength Of Newspaper’s Total Audience In Your Market

Even as the audiences for digital platforms continue to grow, readership of the printed newspaper is still strong.  In print and online, newspaper media remain an engaging and powerful way to reach consumers.  When showcasing newspaper readership in your market, it is important to illustrate the powerful role that print plays in the mix, while continuing to feature the key demographic and consumer … [Read more...]

Digital Newspaper Advertising Reaches Key Voter Segments

According to Borrell Associates, online political advertising will reach nearly $1 billion in 2016, over six times that of the previous presidential election. With digital advertising playing a key role in the political arena, newspapers will have a fresh opportunity to showcase the strength of their Digital Newspaper Readers as they represent a prime opportunity for political marketers to reach … [Read more...]

More Americans Read Newspapers Than Own Dogs or Eat Pizza

More than half – 57 percent – of American adults read a printed newspaper during the past seven days. That’s greater than the percentage of adults who own a dog (38%), conduct online banking on a mobile device (55%), drank bottled water (42%) or have life insurance (44%). The printed newspaper’s role as part of the daily routine for many Americans remains unchanged. Its significance, in fact, … [Read more...]

Mobile Ad-Friendly Shoppers are Avid Readers of Newspaper Websites

As the emphasis on mobile advertising continues, Scarborough examined the 13 percent of U.S. adults who  are Mobile Ad-Friendly Shoppers* to see how they are consuming news. This group makes up 13 percent of the U.S. population and 29 percent of them have a household income of $100k or more annually. They avidly use their mobile devices to read newspapers and  are 15 percent more likely than the … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico Adults Have Diverse Media Habits

Puerto Rico Consumers Watch Nearly 35 Hours of TV and Listen to 24 Hours of Radio; 79% Read Printed Newspapers Scarborough profiled media habits in Puerto Rico with our newly released Scarborough Puerto Rico local market insights. The new consumer statistics show that: Puerto Rico adults watch nearly 35 hours of television per week 79% of Puerto Rico adults read a printed newspaper in the … [Read more...]

More Than Half of Mobile Newspaper Readers Still Show Print Love

It might seem obvious that consumers who use mobile devices to read newspapers have little interest in traditional, printed versions. But in actuality, more than 55 percent of all Mobile Newspaper Readers* absorb information in newspapers that roll off paper presses within an average weekday period. And they are nearly 10 percent more inclined to do so than American adults in … [Read more...]

Infographic – The Changing Media Landscape

How has usage of media shifted as the country becomes more technologically savvy and socially inclined? In a new infographic, Scarborough illustrates the ways media consumption has evolved due to increased internet access, the narrowing of the age gap in usage across media platforms and the way geography influences media orientation. This infographic explains how these seismic shifts reflect an … [Read more...]

Does Multiplatform Media Consumption Exist Across Generations?

It is considered intuitive that younger people use more diverse devices than older people in order to consume media - but does that mean older adults don't use any technology to get their news or enjoy television shows and movies? As our world and news cycle becomes faster-paced, in what ways are older generations making attempts to keep up with new media platforms? And how much further ahead of … [Read more...]

Hispanic Newspaper Readers: A High-Income, Educated Demographic with Spending Power

U.S. Hispanic Newspaper Readers are a high-income and educated consumer group with spending power in major advertising categories such as automotive and retail, according to Scarborough. This new analysis examines the demographic attributes, retail and automotive spending activities, and financial services used by the 53 percent of Hispanic adults who read a newspaper in print or online during the … [Read more...]




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