Young, Wealthy and Striving for Prestige: Engaging with Online Video Viewers

Seeking to reach Millennials with higher than average household incomes and lots of education? And those who are striving for social status, to boot? Online Video could be the connection, according to Scarborough. The company examined Online Video Viewers, defined as those adults who watched or downloaded Movies, TV programs, or video clips during the past month or who used their mobile phone to … [Read more...]

Hey Celebrity Designers! Your Celebrity Name is not Very Influential to Top Spenders

The Kardashian Line at Sears. Heidi Klum’s children’s label. Or L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani. The examples of celebrities extending their brands into fashion labels are seemingly endless, and they target shoppers of all socioeconomic levels. However, according to a new study of Top Spenders* by Scarborough, a celebrity name is not any more important to someone spending at the top levels of retail than … [Read more...]




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