Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten: Film Fanatics

Every year the Oscars brings out film buffs, fashionistas and critics to watch celebrities parade the red carpet in anticipation of bringing home one of the most coveted awards among their peers. Viewers at home have many reasons for watching as well, but even if for just the sheer entertainment value, it's hard not to get caught up in the fanfare and have a few favorites you are rooting for to … [Read more...]

Movie Fans In Oscar Nominee Hometowns Show Their Support

Hollywood’s biggest night of the year, the 2013 Academy Awards, is Sunday, February 24. Scarborough looked at this year's list of talented nominees and noticed many were from Scarborough's measured local markets. Are the adults of these markets supporting their hometown heroes’ cinematic endeavors? Scarborough took a peek at the market statistics for some of these Oscar Nominated Hometowns … [Read more...]




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