Top Retail Trends to Improve the Customer Journey

Retail has undergone an omnichannel transformation into a true customer journey, consisting of many touch points on multiple platforms that drive brand engagement with every interaction. Each contact presents an opportunity to deepen the relationship with consumers and show that retailers are listening to the wants and needs of their customers while showing unique value of their brands. As … [Read more...]

Wine Drinkers Live The Connected Life

Recommended Pairing: Cabernet with Smartphone Whether it’s a crisp pinot grigio with an iPhone, or a smooth zinfandel with an Android, enjoying mobile devices with wine is the new popular pairing in the U.S., according to Nielsen Scarborough alcohol statistics for adults 21+. Smartphone and tablet ownership has soared among Wine Drinkers*, since 2012, increasing 390 percent during that time … [Read more...]

PBS Member Support Spans Across Screens

PBS has educated and entertained generations of viewers, driving the public to give back with charity donations to show appreciation and keep PBS programs on air. PBS Members, defined as households that contributed $35 or more to PBS TV in the past year, are an affluent and educated group with growing mobile interests. Nine percent of the U.S. population are PBS Members. Since 2010, smartphone … [Read more...]

Mobile Ad-Friendly Shoppers are Avid Readers of Newspaper Websites

As the emphasis on mobile advertising continues, Scarborough examined the 13 percent of U.S. adults who  are Mobile Ad-Friendly Shoppers* to see how they are consuming news. This group makes up 13 percent of the U.S. population and 29 percent of them have a household income of $100k or more annually. They avidly use their mobile devices to read newspapers and  are 15 percent more likely than the … [Read more...]

Social & Mobile Critical to Country Radio Audience Development Among Millennials

As with anything, marketers frequently look to the habits of the youngest consumers to anticipate future trends. In Country Radio, this means developing rich social networking and mobile marketing strategies among younger listeners, who are driving its growth. Scarborough analyzed the Loyal Country Radio Listeners* audience, finding that Millennials (defined by Scarborough as adults age 18-29) are … [Read more...]

Millennials Like Fitness Served with Technology & Celebrity

CrossFit, P90X, HIIT, and Body Weight Training are just a few of the 2014 fitness trends for 2014, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.  And America’s Millennials, defined  by Scarborough as U.S. adults ages 18-29, are 19 percent more likely than the average person to belong to a gym and are no doubt sweating it out to any number of trendy exercise programs. But, as with … [Read more...]

Charitable Families Take Their Giving on the Road

Mobile marketing might just be a key component in targeting Charitable Families, according to Scarborough. This consumer group is on-the-go, commuting heavily during the work week and relying on smartphones and tablet devices to stay informed and in-touch. Charitable Families – defined by Scarborough as parents of children under 18 who volunteered or made a financial contribution to military, … [Read more...]

15% of U.S. Adults Are Getting Organized With Mobile

A young father monitors his daughter and golden retriever as they play tug-of-war with a rope toy. With their attention successfully diverted, the dad goes online with his iPad and uses a coupon to buy a new tie for a special business dinner. That kind of mobile, multitasking scene is played out in countless ways all across the U.S. by people engaged in their own career/family “tug of war” – … [Read more...]

Hispanics with Teens at Home Are Open to Mobile Advertising

Hispanics with teens, ages 12-17, in the household are more likely to be open to receiving advertising on their mobile phone than other Hispanics, according to Scarborough's Hispanic market research with an analysis of cell phone statistics and attitudinal consumer data. This is particularly the case if the advertiser offers a benefit to the user in return. Scarborough finds that Hispanics with … [Read more...]

Salt Lake City: Digital Habits and Mobile Behaviors

Salt Lake City is the top local market for Internet Users in the country. Eighty-six percent of adults in this local market went online during the past 30 days, versus 78 percent of total adults. Given this tech prowess, Scarborough profiled the Internet habits and mobile behaviors of Salt Lake City adults. The analysis examines new data that highlights Internet usage by device and mobile habits … [Read more...]




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