Hitting A Home Run On The Field And At The Ticket Office

While much of the country continues to see winter weather, the calendar has flipped to March and from Florida to Arizona the distinctive crack of wooden bats on leather baseballs signals the coming of spring for sports fans. Last season the Houston Astros came out of nowhere to make the playoffs , the New York Mets and Chicago Cubs dueled it out for the National League championship, the Kansas … [Read more...]

Baseball Fans Root for Their Teams in the 2012 World Series

With the 2012 World Series® now in full swing, Major League Baseball® (MLB®)  gears up for tonight, when two of its great franchises will meet in this year’s fall classic, as the National League® champion San Francisco Giants® and American League® champion Detroit Tigers® square off. With a combined 10 World Series championships and 30 league pennants between these clubs, neither franchise is a … [Read more...]

Home Plate vs. Home Country

While avid Hispanic fans of Major League Soccer (MLS) and Major League Baseball (MLB) each play a role in the makeup of the fan bases across the U.S., the correlation behind such support is a bit of a curve ball. Scarborough and Geoscape Hispanicity segmentation data shows that avid Hispanic fans of  MLB are 24 percent more likely to be  Americanizado* and 25 percent more likely to be Nueva … [Read more...]

Fan Interest in MLB Tickets

As the sun starts to shine with more fervor and grass is turning green, Americans know that another baseball season is here. Over 70 million people attended Major League Baseball games in 2011. With the 2012 season upon us, let’s take a closer look at the MLB ticket buyer. 15 percent (35M) of all U.S. adults are willing to spend between $25-$49 and five percent (11M) are interested in buying … [Read more...]




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