Building Loyalty Among Millennial Hotel Guests

The meteoric rise of shared economy options in the hotel industry has intensified the efforts of  many hotel chains when it comes to gaining and retaining loyal guests.  According to Nielsen Scarborough, of the over 151 million U.S. adults who stayed at a hotel/motel last year, Millennials accounted for one-third (34%), or more than 52 million, of those overnight guests.  That’s over a million a … [Read more...]

Top Retail Trends to Improve the Customer Journey

Retail has undergone an omnichannel transformation into a true customer journey, consisting of many touch points on multiple platforms that drive brand engagement with every interaction. Each contact presents an opportunity to deepen the relationship with consumers and show that retailers are listening to the wants and needs of their customers while showing unique value of their brands. As … [Read more...]

Social & Mobile Critical to Country Radio Audience Development Among Millennials

As with anything, marketers frequently look to the habits of the youngest consumers to anticipate future trends. In Country Radio, this means developing rich social networking and mobile marketing strategies among younger listeners, who are driving its growth. Scarborough analyzed the Loyal Country Radio Listeners* audience, finding that Millennials (defined by Scarborough as adults age 18-29) are … [Read more...]

Millennials Like Fitness Served with Technology & Celebrity

CrossFit, P90X, HIIT, and Body Weight Training are just a few of the 2014 fitness trends for 2014, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.  And America’s Millennials, defined  by Scarborough as U.S. adults ages 18-29, are 19 percent more likely than the average person to belong to a gym and are no doubt sweating it out to any number of trendy exercise programs. But, as with … [Read more...]

Loyal Black Radio Listeners Differ by Generation

Scarborough will be at this year's Nielsen Audio Client Conference, featuring Gary Meo's presentation "Urban Radio Listener Profile." Featuring insights into Loyal Black Radio Listeners, Gary's presentation will focus on the 12 million Black Adults who fall in the two highest use categories for radio listening, with special attention paid to the different behavioral nuances found between … [Read more...]

Millennial Influencers Favor Multicultural Media

Multicultural Media Content Important to Millennial Influencers It is well-documented that Millennials– adults ages 18-29 – are ethnically diverse. Creating communications plans that emphasize connections to their heritage are of particular importance when targeting the tastemakers of this generation, according to a new analysis from Scarborough. Millennial Influencers* are more likely than … [Read more...]

Imported Beer Drinkers are More Likely than all Adults 21+ to Frequent Restaurants

As the summer heats up, Americans age 21+ are reaching for a cold one. What brew will everyone be reaching for as BBQ season kicks off? According to a new study from Scarborough, 20 percent of U.S. adults 21+ drank an imported beer in the past 30 days. But where can you reach these Imported Beer Drinkers, and what are they doing for fun? Imported Beer Drinkers are 35 percent more likely than … [Read more...]

Millennials’ Driving Habits Are Geared Towards Alternative Transportation

Caitlin Jones is an award-winning, 25-year-old chef working in one of Albany, NY’s finest restaurants. Despite her success, she walks to work and relies on her boyfriend and public buses to get around. Buying an iPhone 5 just after it was introduced to the market was a really exciting event, and far more important to her than the prospect of owning a car. Caitlin’s transportation and technology … [Read more...]

Infographic – Raise a Glass to Shaken & Stirred Millennials

How can you ensure your alcoholic beverage marketing plan will have a glass half-full outcome? In a new infographic, Scarborough reveals how to reach the 27 percent of U.S. adults age 21+ who are Shaken and Stirred Millennials - defined as adults age 21 to 34 who say they drink any alcohol. The infographic illustrates where they purchase alcohol and what other activities they engage in, but what … [Read more...]

Infographic – Understanding Your Hispanic Consumer Across Generations

How can marketers identify the different business opportunities within the generationally diverse Hispanic population? This custom study from Scarborough, commissioned by AHAA and AARP highlights how marketers can reach Hispanic Millennials, Generation Xers and Baby Boomers more effectively by embracing cross-generational differences and cultural orientation. Click here to download the … [Read more...]




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