Hispanic Millennial Voters: Digitally Driven But Media Diverse

The number of Hispanic voters continues to grow.  Since the last presidential election their ranks have grown by nearly 3 million with Hispanic Millennial Voters making up a large proportion (40%) of the 19 million registered Latino voters.  Representing nearly 8 million of the registered voter population, the Hispanic Millennial Voter segment accounts for the largest growth sector among Hispanic … [Read more...]

Is Being Loan-Free a Good Thing? Adults Without Loans More Likely to be Unbanked

Adults who have no type of loan in their household are 75 percent more likely than the average adult to be unbanked*, and 26 percent more likely to not have any investments in their household, according to Scarborough. Scarborough also finds that these Loan-Free Adults** are less likely than the average consumer to utilize basic financial services such as checking accounts, savings accounts, and … [Read more...]




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