The U.S. Open, the final grand slam major tournament of the year, is historically the highest attended and arguably most coveted event in professional tennis.  And this year, the stakes have only gotten higher, with the tournament offering the richest purse in tennis history, a whopping $46.3 million in total prize compensation!  The U.S. Open provides a huge platform for eco-friendly brands and … [Read more...]

More Americans Read Newspapers Than Own Dogs or Eat Pizza

More than half – 57 percent – of American adults read a printed newspaper during the past seven days. That’s greater than the percentage of adults who own a dog (38%), conduct online banking on a mobile device (55%), drank bottled water (42%) or have life insurance (44%). The printed newspaper’s role as part of the daily routine for many Americans remains unchanged. Its significance, in fact, … [Read more...]

Social & Mobile Critical to Country Radio Audience Development Among Millennials

As with anything, marketers frequently look to the habits of the youngest consumers to anticipate future trends. In Country Radio, this means developing rich social networking and mobile marketing strategies among younger listeners, who are driving its growth. Scarborough analyzed the Loyal Country Radio Listeners* audience, finding that Millennials (defined by Scarborough as adults age 18-29) are … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Show the Strengths of All Dayparts

Focusing on the strengths of  traditionally stronger dayparts can lead to overlooking the strengths of those that appear to offer less reach. This edition of Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit focuses on understanding and profiling  audiences across both “desirable” and “less desirable” dayparts in order to maximize your revenue across the day. Analyzing the quick service restaurant (QSR) … [Read more...]

Charitable Families Take Their Giving on the Road

Mobile marketing might just be a key component in targeting Charitable Families, according to Scarborough. This consumer group is on-the-go, commuting heavily during the work week and relying on smartphones and tablet devices to stay informed and in-touch. Charitable Families – defined by Scarborough as parents of children under 18 who volunteered or made a financial contribution to military, … [Read more...]

Millennial Influencers Favor Multicultural Media

Multicultural Media Content Important to Millennial Influencers It is well-documented that Millennials– adults ages 18-29 – are ethnically diverse. Creating communications plans that emphasize connections to their heritage are of particular importance when targeting the tastemakers of this generation, according to a new analysis from Scarborough. Millennial Influencers* are more likely than … [Read more...]

Puerto Rico Adults Have Diverse Media Habits

Puerto Rico Consumers Watch Nearly 35 Hours of TV and Listen to 24 Hours of Radio; 79% Read Printed Newspapers Scarborough profiled media habits in Puerto Rico with our newly released Scarborough Puerto Rico local market insights. The new consumer statistics show that: Puerto Rico adults watch nearly 35 hours of television per week 79% of Puerto Rico adults read a printed newspaper in the … [Read more...]

Infographic – Raise a Glass to Shaken & Stirred Millennials

How can you ensure your alcoholic beverage marketing plan will have a glass half-full outcome? In a new infographic, Scarborough reveals how to reach the 27 percent of U.S. adults age 21+ who are Shaken and Stirred Millennials - defined as adults age 21 to 34 who say they drink any alcohol. The infographic illustrates where they purchase alcohol and what other activities they engage in, but what … [Read more...]

Shopping Habits of Social Newsies

In our last analysis of Social Newsies, U.S. adults who say social networking is very or somewhat important for finding news and current events account for one-quarter (25%) of the adult population. Social Newsies are significant to media brands and consumer product producers alike as their behavior can help businesses understand the future potential for social networking-based information and … [Read more...]

More Than Half of Mobile Newspaper Readers Still Show Print Love

It might seem obvious that consumers who use mobile devices to read newspapers have little interest in traditional, printed versions. But in actuality, more than 55 percent of all Mobile Newspaper Readers* absorb information in newspapers that roll off paper presses within an average weekday period. And they are nearly 10 percent more inclined to do so than American adults in … [Read more...]




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