The U.S. Open, the final grand slam major tournament of the year, is historically the highest attended and arguably most coveted event in professional tennis.  And this year, the stakes have only gotten higher, with the tournament offering the richest purse in tennis history, a whopping $46.3 million in total prize compensation!  The U.S. Open provides a huge platform for eco-friendly brands and … [Read more...]

African American Voters: Media Strategies To Encourage Turn Out At The Polls

African American Voters played a dynamic role in the 2012 elections when turnout at the polls reached historical proportions. In 2016 this voter segment will continue to play an important role in the outcome of many political campaigns.   In this article, the second in a series overviewing key voter segments for the 2016 elections, Nielsen Scarborough examined the media consumption behaviors of … [Read more...]

Marketing to Consumers with Active Lifestyles: Get Social and Mind Your Content

Americans with extremely active lifestyles are upscale and youthful – a desirable target for many marketers. But targeting these Active Consumers requires establishing brand connections through content that interests them. An analysis from Scarborough finds that Active Consumers* have a passion for music and seek listening content via a wide variety of platforms. They access video programming … [Read more...]

Home Gardening Blossoming Across America this Spring

As spring continues to blossom, our new study reveals that of the nearly 164 million homeowners across the United States, nearly half (49%) gardened in the past 12 months. Gardening Homeowners are 10 percent more likely than all homeowners to be Baby Boomers* and 33 percent have at least a college degree. Forty-seven percent of gardening homeowners hold full-time employment and 26 percent have an … [Read more...]




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