Local Market Leaders in Volunteer Work

Local market consumer insights company, Scarborough has analyzed the top local markets of the 27 percent of American adults who have participated in volunteer work, volunteering programs or volunteering organizations in the past 12 months. While Volunteers from all of the United States have contributed their time to different relief efforts for varying crises, certain local markets are more … [Read more...]

Infographic – Telling Digital Media’s Local Story

How can you tell the local story of how online media consumption has evolved over the past few years? In this new infographic, Scarborough illustrates how identifying the top local markets in key areas of online media can help paint a picture of national trends. But what happens when an intriguing pattern emerges? How can marketers narrow their focus, using layers of data to reach audiences and … [Read more...]

Who Are America’s Workaholics? How Can You Reach Them?

Until America's job market makes a full recovery, many U.S. adults find themselves in the position of feeling as though they are Workaholics. In a new analysis from Scarborough, 20 percent of U.S. adults are Workaholics, meaning they are employed full-time, agree they don't mind giving up their personal time for work and agree they often find themselves in a leadership position. But who, exactly, … [Read more...]

Infographic – The Changing Media Landscape

How has usage of media shifted as the country becomes more technologically savvy and socially inclined? In a new infographic, Scarborough illustrates the ways media consumption has evolved due to increased internet access, the narrowing of the age gap in usage across media platforms and the way geography influences media orientation. This infographic explains how these seismic shifts reflect an … [Read more...]

When it Comes to Credit Cards, Geography Matters

Scarborough's statistics on credit cards reveal that the top local markets for Visa users versus Mastercard users is a matter of location. Mastercard users are residents of mostly eastern and northern cities while Visa users hail mostly from western and southern markets: SOURCE: Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 2, 2012 Want more statistics on credit cards? Email us! … [Read more...]

Atlanta Shows its Southern Hospitality Through Giving Back

Volunteerism and donating to charitable causes are the hallmarks of Atlanta’s Southern Hospitality, according to consumer research firm Scarborough. Atlantans are more likely than the average American to volunteer and contribute to a wide variety of charities. But their uniqueness does not end there. Atlanta statistics show that its residents are avid travelers who enjoy a great theme park, and … [Read more...]

Hotel Loyalty Card In-Hand, Today’s Business Travelers Hit the Gym Upon Check-In

Today’s business traveler requires a good gym in their hotel and healthy food options, and they carry over their hotel brand loyalty when traveling for leisure. These are two findings from an analysis of Business Travelers from Scarborough. Defined as those adults who have taken a domestic, round-trip flight for business during the past year, Business Travelers account for 10 percent of the adult … [Read more...]

Atypical Banking Goes Local

According to our new study, Atypical Bankers represent 10 percent of the U.S. adult population. Though banking behaviors typically differ across the United States, when we look at the patterns found in the top local markets for Superbanked and Unbanked Consumers, it is clear that certain areas of America are inclined towards particular banking styles. Atypical Bankers fall into two categories – … [Read more...]

American Beer Drinkers Differ by Beer Preference

With the weather heating up and barbeque season lurking just around the corner, Scarborough reveals insights into the 42 percent of American adults age 21+ (93M) who drank a beer in the past 30 days. In terms of beer types, more than a quarter (27%) of all adults 21+ had a domestic light beer in the past 30 days, 21 percent drank a domestic regular beer, 19 percent drank an imported beer and five … [Read more...]

Marketing to Baby Boomers? Top Local Markets to Find the Baby Boomer Generation.

Baby Boomers, defined by Scarborough as U.S. adults between the ages 45-64, make up 35 percent of the American adult population. The top local markets where Baby Boomers live include Detroit, M.I. (37 percent of all adults are Baby Boomers), Milwaukee, W.I. (37 percent), Cleveland, O.H. (36 percent), New Orleans, L.A. (36 percent) and Seattle, W.A. (36 percent). Identifying the activities in which … [Read more...]




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