Frosty Fun in Rochester, NY

  Rochester, NY might be known for its frosty weather, but residents know how to make the most of the wintery chill - staying active and healthy despite the cold. Scarborough's latest local market analysis shines a light on Rochester, NY adult residents highlighting their lifestyle activities, healthcare and media use so that marketers can understand business  and outreach opportunities in … [Read more...]

Scarborough Local Advertising Spotlight On Ohio: Auto Dealerships, Home Improvement Retailers & Hospitals

Just like all state economies across the country, Ohio has endured its knocks during the Great Recession. Regional business owners have been forced to make tough decisions regarding budgets, including advertising and marketing line items. But, as winter in the Rust Belt begins to thaw, consumer interest in household expenditures such as buying cars or tackling a big home improvement project … [Read more...]

Thinking Locally – A Scarborough Infographic Series

As our world becomes more globalized, it is easy to forget that local values and regional flavor and city demographics still matter when planning outreach strategies to target consumers. Scarborough has put together a series of local market research infographics to help brands and marketers think locally, illustrating the differences of opinions, lifestyles and approaches to brand engagement that … [Read more...]

The Family of Five: U.S. Markets With Lots of Kids

Walk down the supermarket aisle in certain U.S. cities and you are likely to see more kids riding in the shopping carts or campaigning for cookies than in other local markets. An analysis from Scarborough’s Multi-Market 2012 survey reveals that the five local markets (DMAs*) with the highest percentage of households with kids are all located in the West. Two are in Texas: Houston,  … [Read more...]

Diverse, Youthful Houston Is One Shop-Happy Market

It could well be said that Houston is a retailer’s dream. The home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the world's largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions is also a young, multicultural community that loves to shop. In addition to having a large concentration of households with children, Houston is home to adults with distinctive media and technology preferences. Houston … [Read more...]

California City Data from Scarborough Profiles the Golden State

While the sun may shine down frequently on the majority of California – hence its nickname as “The Golden State” – the true marketing gold might be best mined at the local market level. Newly released California city data from Scarborough provides in-depth local information on five major markets in the Golden State: Fresno, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco and San … [Read more...]

Baltimore Takes to the Road

With the summer almost here, visions of vacation dance in our heads. But chances are, many Americans will decide that the adventures and relaxation needs to take place closer to home. After all, gas prices now hover close to $4 a gallon for most people, and the U.S. Labor Dept. calculates that April unemployment was 8.1 percent. Folks in Baltimore, MD are fortunate to have many fun options … [Read more...]

New Orleans, LA: Takes Tech and Politics Cues from Gen Y

More than one in five (22 percent) of adults in New Orleans are Generation Y, or between the ages 18-29. In fact, the New Orleans adult population is nine percent more likely than all adults nationally to be in this group. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the home to Mardi Gras and the Jazz Festival is a hotbed of tech and mobile activity.  This big sports town is also driven by its young … [Read more...]




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