Sales Manager Toolkit: Show the Strengths of All Dayparts

Focusing on the strengths of  traditionally stronger dayparts can lead to overlooking the strengths of those that appear to offer less reach. This edition of Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit focuses on understanding and profiling  audiences across both “desirable” and “less desirable” dayparts in order to maximize your revenue across the day. Analyzing the quick service restaurant (QSR) … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Give the Gift of a Targeted Consumer Group this Holiday Season

WAAA Delivers the Perfect Holiday Package Finding new ways to portray your audience as active consumers can sometimes seem like a daunting and repetitive task. Demographics, audience rankers and spending habits have all become standard reporting; however, while these reports are still the cornerstone of crafting a strong story for our audience, it is important to challenge yourself and develop … [Read more...]

Introducing Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit

Welcome to the Scarborough Sales Manager Tool. Utilize this easy to use one-sheet and step-by-step guide to save time in your holiday retail shopping sales efforts. Click here to download this completed sample one-sheet. By creating this one-sheet, you can show that your audience is your customer's ideal consumer.  Using a variety of data points (audience projection, target percent, index) … [Read more...]

Targeting Seafood Diners: A Media Perspective

Show How a Radio Station Increases Reach: Actual Target vs. CPP Target Though radio is purchased using standard age and gender demographics, the real target for a client is usually more involved. By showing how it delivers better reach against a qualitative target versus a buying target, a station can better position itself to the buyer. For a seafood restaurant lunch promotion, using a … [Read more...]

Targeting Seafood Diners: A Marketer Perspective

Tailor a Promotion to Your Customers: Percentages and Indexes Restaurants are always looking for ways to bring good customers in more frequently.  Scarborough’s frequency of dining question can aid restaurants in planning a frequency promotion.  Should it be done for lunch, dinner or both?  Looking at both percentages and indexes provide a more comprehensive analysis than either … [Read more...]

Create an Effective Media Buy Using PRIME Lingo® Software Reach Analysis

In order to be most cost effective when planning a media schedule, it is necessary to test the reach of advertising efforts before implementing a campaign. Scarborough’s PRIME Lingo web-based, software platform now features Reach Analysis, which shows the reach and frequency rates of various media schedules for a particular audience. This feature is most beneficial when looking to view any or … [Read more...]

How to Build a Successful Marketing Campaign with Scarborough

Understanding your market and consumers is key when creating a marketing campaign.  With Scarborough, you can profile your market to build the right messaging strategy, determine your best media choices, show the impact of your social efforts and more.  Scarborough’s market research data analyzes your consumers’ purchasing behavior, media consumption habits and social, mobile and internet … [Read more...]

Applications for Automotive Insights

Scarborough’s automotive data can be applied to many different business models and industries. Whether you are interested in understanding the competitive landscape in your market, creating effective promotions with a dealership, or focusing direct marketing efforts on a custom trade area, Scarborough’s data analyzes your consumers’ lifestyles and purchasing behaviors and gives you a 360 view of … [Read more...]




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