Sales Manager Toolkit: Scarborough Has You Covered With Obamacare Marketing Insights

Obamacare has arrived and it’s clear that there are new consumer healthcare marketing opportunities at hand. Insurers know this, and are no doubt executing strategic marketing accordingly. Want to connect with these new ad dollars? Scarborough has you covered in growing your healthcare revenue with in-depth insights on American attitudes and healthcare usage as outlined in the one-sheet example … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: The Power of Your Exclusive Audience

We often focus on building our largest possible reach when profiling some of our smaller, niche audiences can prove to be a very telling story.  In this edition of Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit we focus on profiling your exclusive audience. Exclusive audience can have a variety of meanings – exclusive to a major competitor, to all other similar media, to a completely separate media group, … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: WAAA’s Audience Shows Back to School Spending Power

Although it seems like the kids just finished the school year, it's already time to start thinking about “Back to School” advertising campaigns. Gone are the simple days of a new pair of sneakers to begin the new year. Now, entire wardrobes, new sporting equipment,  laptops and tablets have become just as prevalent in Back to School shopping. This edition of the Scarborough Sales Manager Toolkit … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Engage with WAAA’s Connected Audience

The words connected and social have become common adjectives when describing today’s consumers. While traditional media vehicles still remain the cornerstone in reaching our audience, it is important to understand the online audience and how we can illustrate their value to clients in the ever-changing media landscape. Scarborough continues to capture this evolving group and has recently added … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Expanding Scarborough’s Measurements To Prove The Value Of Your Audience

Even with the 2,000+ measurements available within Scarborough, we know that there are still small retailers or prospective clients who are not listed or perhaps the sample size is too small.  This edition of the Scarborough Sales Manager Toolkit focuses on how to build a target with local data when your potential advertiser is not listed.  Using the upcoming Mother's Day season as an example, … [Read more...]

How to Use Scarborough’s New 2012 Measurements

The latest Scarborough data release (2012 Release 1) includes many new measures that can be used by marketers, media and agencies to keep pace with evolving markets.  This "How To" article will show examples and suggestions on ways to use some of these new measures.  The Fresno, CA  is the example market but these featured data points are available in all 77 Top-Tier local markets that Scarborough … [Read more...]

Targeting Seafood Diners: An Agency Perspective

New Orleans is the #1 market for seafood restaurant dining in the U.S. Thirty-six percent of New Orleans adults have dined at a seafood restaurant in the past 30 days and they are more than twice as likely to do so than other U.S. adults. Below is an agency perspective on ways to identify specific targets, like seafood diners, and tailor your efforts effectively.  Understand the Target Market … [Read more...]




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