Building Loyalty Among Millennial Hotel Guests

The meteoric rise of shared economy options in the hotel industry has intensified the efforts of  many hotel chains when it comes to gaining and retaining loyal guests.  According to Nielsen Scarborough, of the over 151 million U.S. adults who stayed at a hotel/motel last year, Millennials accounted for one-third (34%), or more than 52 million, of those overnight guests.  That’s over a million a … [Read more...]

High-Class on the High Seas: Cruise Lines Attract a Wealthy Customer who Loves Fine Food and Wine

People who take cruises have higher-than-average incomes, a big appetite for fine food and wine and love to be entertained. These "Cruisers" are defined by Scarborough as American adults who went on a cruise during the past three years. Wealthy Americans Board Cruises Thirty-one percent of Cruisers have an annual household income of $100K or more, and they are 54 percent more likely than the … [Read more...]




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