Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten: New Home Buyers

With interest rates reaching historic lows over the past few years, many Americans were able to purchase homes at lower prices than in the past.  Whether these new home buyers* bought a home that was a fixer-upper or move-in ready, a new home purchase often leads to home improvements, both big and small.  Now that Spring has officially sprung, new home buyers across the country are planning their … [Read more...]

New Homeowners Spent $18 Billion on Home Improvements

New Homeowners Injected $18 Billion into the Home Improvement Retail Market During the Past Year New Homeowners – defined as those consumers who own their home but have lived there for three years or less – spent a total of $18 billion on home improvement projects during the past year. Nielsen Scarborough recently updated its 2013 analysis on the home improvement market. This year, remodeling … [Read more...]

The New Home Market Requires Hi-Tech Features

People planning to buy a house, condo or co-op during the next year represent a hi-tech consumer base who seek out the latest and greatest in technology and are willing to pay top dollar for it. New Homeowners* are 36 percent more likely than the average person to agree they are among the first of their friends and colleagues to try new technology products. They are 22 percent more likely to agree … [Read more...]

New Homeowners Injected $19 Billion into the Home Improvement Retail Market During the Past Year

New Homeowners – defined as those adults in households who own their home but have lived there three or less years –spent a total of $19 billion on home improvement projects during the past year. According to Scarborough’s latest analysis on New Homeowners, this consumer group buys – and plans to spend – in a wide variety of home improvement categories, from heavy remodeling projects to buying new … [Read more...]

Scarborough Local Advertising Spotlight On Ohio: Auto Dealerships, Home Improvement Retailers & Hospitals

Just like all state economies across the country, Ohio has endured its knocks during the Great Recession. Regional business owners have been forced to make tough decisions regarding budgets, including advertising and marketing line items. But, as winter in the Rust Belt begins to thaw, consumer interest in household expenditures such as buying cars or tackling a big home improvement project … [Read more...]

The Real House Husbands: Bling, Manicures and a Well-Kept Home Make for a Happy American Dad

We all know about the Real Housewives, the women on reality television who bring the drama while flaunting their estate homes, large gemstones and perfectly styled families. But perhaps this successful genre is also making a pop culture impact on the male gender. Scarborough examined the shopping interests of American Dads. A consumer group typically associated with categories such as … [Read more...]

Home Gardening Blossoming Across America this Spring

As spring continues to blossom, our new study reveals that of the nearly 164 million homeowners across the United States, nearly half (49%) gardened in the past 12 months. Gardening Homeowners are 10 percent more likely than all homeowners to be Baby Boomers* and 33 percent have at least a college degree. Forty-seven percent of gardening homeowners hold full-time employment and 26 percent have an … [Read more...]

Marketing to Baby Boomers? Top Local Markets to Find the Baby Boomer Generation.

Baby Boomers, defined by Scarborough as U.S. adults between the ages 45-64, make up 35 percent of the American adult population. The top local markets where Baby Boomers live include Detroit, M.I. (37 percent of all adults are Baby Boomers), Milwaukee, W.I. (37 percent), Cleveland, O.H. (36 percent), New Orleans, L.A. (36 percent) and Seattle, W.A. (36 percent). Identifying the activities in which … [Read more...]




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