Trendsetting Shopper – Puerto Rico

It may be 80 degrees in Puerto Rico, but holiday shopping is just heating up.   And with every holiday season comes a wish list which includes the hottest-selling, must have gifts.  But did you ever wonder who is responsible for making those gifts the must-haves of the season?  Nielsen Scarborough examined the Trendsetting Shopper, adults 18+ who buy products earlier than most of their friends and … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Expanding Scarborough’s Measurements To Prove The Value Of Your Audience

Even with the 2,000+ measurements available within Scarborough, we know that there are still small retailers or prospective clients who are not listed or perhaps the sample size is too small.  This edition of the Scarborough Sales Manager Toolkit focuses on how to build a target with local data when your potential advertiser is not listed.  Using the upcoming Mother's Day season as an example, … [Read more...]

Introducing Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit

Welcome to the Scarborough Sales Manager Tool. Utilize this easy to use one-sheet and step-by-step guide to save time in your holiday retail shopping sales efforts. Click here to download this completed sample one-sheet. By creating this one-sheet, you can show that your audience is your customer's ideal consumer.  Using a variety of data points (audience projection, target percent, index) … [Read more...]




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