Reaching the BFFs of Healthcare Social Media

Now that the majority of U.S. hospitals have established a social media presence, they’ve shifted from developing social media strategies to asking how they can use them to maximize patient engagement. But in order to identify the value of their efforts, hospital marketers must gain an understanding of who they’re reaching, the social channels consumers prefer and most importantly, what content … [Read more...]

Washington D.C., Austin, TX, and Portland, OR, Have a Healthy Outlook

As the leading cities for consumers who have a positive outlook on their health, Washington D.C., Austin, TX and Portland, OR, have some basic health factors in common. Their residents tend to be active and belong to gyms, and enjoy various forms of exercise – from jogging and swimming to yoga and soccer. But the ties that bind the top cities for Health Optimists* go beyond enjoying a good … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Scarborough Has You Covered With Obamacare Marketing Insights

Obamacare has arrived and it’s clear that there are new consumer healthcare marketing opportunities at hand. Insurers know this, and are no doubt executing strategic marketing accordingly. Want to connect with these new ad dollars? Scarborough has you covered in growing your healthcare revenue with in-depth insights on American attitudes and healthcare usage as outlined in the one-sheet example … [Read more...]

Obamacare Provides New Radio Marketing Opportunities

Obamacare is bringing new business opportunities. With a fresh market of potential customers, insurers and healthcare providers are preparing their marketing strategies. Scarborough examined several Obamacare constituencies: The Uninsured, Pre-Medicare Adults (ages 55-64), Young Adults (ages 18-24), and Small Business Owners/The Self-Employed*. Given the company’s participation in the Radio … [Read more...]

Marketing Obamacare to Hispanics: A Battle of the Sexes

Marketing Obamacare to Hispanics Requires Navigating their Battle of the Sexes Obviously, men and women have very different healthcare needs. When selecting health insurance under Obamacare, Americans will need to take into consideration the needs of their entire family. For Hispanics, who account for 17 percent of the population, a deep gender divide on healthcare attitudes, Internet usage, … [Read more...]

Frosty Fun in Rochester, NY

  Rochester, NY might be known for its frosty weather, but residents know how to make the most of the wintery chill - staying active and healthy despite the cold. Scarborough's latest local market analysis shines a light on Rochester, NY adult residents highlighting their lifestyle activities, healthcare and media use so that marketers can understand business  and outreach opportunities in … [Read more...]

The Health and Wealth of America’s Baby Boomers

As America's Baby Boomers* transition into their retirement years, new business opportunities are arising in order to cater to their changing needs. The fields of finance and healthcare are of particular importance to this group, which make up 32 percent of American adults, as they ready their finances and personal health to prepare to live longer - and hopefully more comfortably - than any … [Read more...]

Social Media Important to Obamacare Prospects

Consumers currently lacking health insurance, but who will be receiving it soon under Obamacare, are avid social networkers, according to a new analysis from Scarborough. Obamacare Prospects* - the 16 percent of the U.S. adult population who lack health insurance – are 56 percent more likely than the average online adult to spend three or more hours daily on social networking sites. This … [Read more...]

Scarborough Local Advertising Spotlight On Ohio: Auto Dealerships, Home Improvement Retailers & Hospitals

Just like all state economies across the country, Ohio has endured its knocks during the Great Recession. Regional business owners have been forced to make tough decisions regarding budgets, including advertising and marketing line items. But, as winter in the Rust Belt begins to thaw, consumer interest in household expenditures such as buying cars or tackling a big home improvement project … [Read more...]

Health-Conscious Women and Their Opinions on Healthcare

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in observance, Scarborough has issued a study on women and healthcare by analyzing Health-Conscious Women's healthcare statistics. Defined by Scarborough as American adult women who agree that they go to the doctor regularly for checkups, generally feel they eat right and follow a regular exercise routine, Health-Conscious Women make up 16 percent of … [Read more...]




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