Sales Manager Toolkit: Illustrate Spending Power

The value of your audience takes a whole new meaning when using Nielsen Scarborough’s spending questions. Scarborough's tools provide simple approaches to find the mean, median, and total dollars spent for dozens of categories in the database. This edition of Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit uses the grocery category to focus on the power of illustrating the revenue your audience can bring to a … [Read more...]

Coupon Clipping & America’s Grocery Shopping Habits

Scarborough  examined America's grocery bills, coupon usage, and the prevalence of consumers going online to grocery shop to see what consumers habits are in terms of spending and saving on groceries. Weekly Household Grocery Bills Tally Upwards of $130, Americans Use Coupons for Savings Nearly one-quarter (24%) of American consumers spend more than $200 on their weekly household grocery bill, … [Read more...]

Charitable Families Spend as They Give

America’s Charitable Families are huge spenders, primarily at the grocery store, buying premium organic items and 44 percent agree they are “spenders, not savers.” Charitable Families – defined by Scarborough as parents of children under 18 who volunteered or made a financial contribution to military, religious or social charity organizations/a welfare organization during the past year - … [Read more...]

Home Cooking Dads Are Young, Wealthy & Frequent Coupon Users

Every June, we celebrate the men in our lives and Scarborough is honoring Father’s Day by taking a look at Home Cooking Dads, defined as men who have at least one child in the household who agree with the statement “During a given week, I cook meals frequently," who make up 11 percent of the national population. Scarborough's demographic information shows that Home Cooking Dads tend to be … [Read more...]

Iced Tea Drinkers Are Big Grocery Spenders & Coupon Users

Iced Tea Consumption Up Nine Percent Since 2010, Arizona® Brand Enjoys Largest Consumer Gains Iced tea consumption is up nine percent since 2010, according to a new analysis from Scarborough. In 2010, 25 percent of adults indicated they had consumed a tea in a bottle or can during the past week. This increased to 27 percent in Scarborough’s most recent study. The iced tea market is … [Read more...]

Adding Mobile Marketing to Your Company’s Grocery List?

Retailers are increasingly incorporating mobile into their consumer outreach efforts. We have already seen how showrooming has become a trend - consumers shopping in stores and then making the actual purchases online - but what about the retail sectors in which it is still easier to shop in-store? How can your business use mobile outreach to satisfy the American consumer's desire for … [Read more...]

Health-Conscious Women and Their Opinions on Healthcare

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in observance, Scarborough has issued a study on women and healthcare by analyzing Health-Conscious Women's healthcare statistics. Defined by Scarborough as American adult women who agree that they go to the doctor regularly for checkups, generally feel they eat right and follow a regular exercise routine, Health-Conscious Women make up 16 percent of … [Read more...]

Food Network TV Audiences are Family-Oriented

The Food Network® provides TV audiences with unique meal, various recipe offerings and talented chefs to guide them. Demographic data from a Scarborough analysis on U.S. adults 18 and older who watched the Food Network in the past seven days shows that this group's shopping habits and attitudes about family values may be influenced by their food-loving TV programs. With 39 percent of Food … [Read more...]

The Affluent American and Grocery Trends

As national ideas about affluence continue to shift, Scarborough's grocery market research identifies an area in which the Affluent American is still consistently spending money. For the purpose of this analysis, Scarborough defines Affluent Americans as the 20 percent of adults who live in a household with an annual income of $100K or higher. Grocery market research allows retailers and … [Read more...]




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