Loyal Black Radio Listeners Differ by Generation

Scarborough will be at this year's Nielsen Audio Client Conference, featuring Gary Meo's presentation "Urban Radio Listener Profile." Featuring insights into Loyal Black Radio Listeners, Gary's presentation will focus on the 12 million Black Adults who fall in the two highest use categories for radio listening, with special attention paid to the different behavioral nuances found between … [Read more...]

Generation X Shows Ongoing Affinity for Online Shopping

Generation X Department Store Shoppers may out-shop and out-spend other adults in brick-and-mortar stores, but Scarborough statistics show that they also continue to be avid online shoppers and buyers, too. Scarborough examined Generation X Department Store Shoppers* – the 66 percent of 30 to 44-year-olds, who shopped a department store during the past three months. The analysis finds that this … [Read more...]

Infographic – Understanding Your Hispanic Consumer Across Generations

How can marketers identify the different business opportunities within the generationally diverse Hispanic population? This custom study from Scarborough, commissioned by AHAA and AARP highlights how marketers can reach Hispanic Millennials, Generation Xers and Baby Boomers more effectively by embracing cross-generational differences and cultural orientation. Click here to download the … [Read more...]

More Than Half of Mobile Newspaper Readers Still Show Print Love

It might seem obvious that consumers who use mobile devices to read newspapers have little interest in traditional, printed versions. But in actuality, more than 55 percent of all Mobile Newspaper Readers* absorb information in newspapers that roll off paper presses within an average weekday period. And they are nearly 10 percent more inclined to do so than American adults in … [Read more...]

Who Are America’s Workaholics? How Can You Reach Them?

Until America's job market makes a full recovery, many U.S. adults find themselves in the position of feeling as though they are Workaholics. In a new analysis from Scarborough, 20 percent of U.S. adults are Workaholics, meaning they are employed full-time, agree they don't mind giving up their personal time for work and agree they often find themselves in a leadership position. But who, exactly, … [Read more...]

Adding Mobile Marketing to Your Company’s Grocery List?

Retailers are increasingly incorporating mobile into their consumer outreach efforts. We have already seen how showrooming has become a trend - consumers shopping in stores and then making the actual purchases online - but what about the retail sectors in which it is still easier to shop in-store? How can your business use mobile outreach to satisfy the American consumer's desire for … [Read more...]

Does Multiplatform Media Consumption Exist Across Generations?

It is considered intuitive that younger people use more diverse devices than older people in order to consume media - but does that mean older adults don't use any technology to get their news or enjoy television shows and movies? As our world and news cycle becomes faster-paced, in what ways are older generations making attempts to keep up with new media platforms? And how much further ahead of … [Read more...]

Engaging with Frequent Social Media Users

More companies than ever are incorporating social media into their marketing mix, but measuring the efficacy of these initiatives still has many people stumped. To provide a better understanding of who exactly is targeted with social media outreach, Scarborough reveals insights into the 26 percent of internet-enabled American adults who spend one or more hour per day on social networking … [Read more...]

Financially Overwhelmed- Americans Facing Personal Fiscal Cliff

As talks of avoiding a fiscal cliff continue in Washington, a substantial percentage of American adults are facing their own personal financial precipices. According to a new analysis from Scarborough/GfK MRI Attitudinal Insights, more than one-quarter (27%) of Americans say they are “financially overwhelmed and open to borrowing money.” Fiscal Cliff Adults are Young and Employed These … [Read more...]

Health-Conscious Women and Their Opinions on Healthcare

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in observance, Scarborough has issued a study on women and healthcare by analyzing Health-Conscious Women's healthcare statistics. Defined by Scarborough as American adult women who agree that they go to the doctor regularly for checkups, generally feel they eat right and follow a regular exercise routine, Health-Conscious Women make up 16 percent of … [Read more...]




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