Parents-to-Be Focused on Saving for the Future

In addition to growing their family, America’s eight million Parents-to-Be, defined as adults who say they are expecting the birth of a child during the next year are reinforcing and expanding their financial foundation. This consumer group is 45 percent more likely than the average person to have a 529 plan/college savings plan in their household, 38 percent more likely to have a 401k, and 23 … [Read more...]

Today’s Engaged Couples are Diverse and Proud of Their Heritage

Couples headed to the altar this year represent a very culturally diverse set of consumers. They are 40 percent more likely than all consumers to self-identify as Hispanic and two times more likely to self-identify as Black. You can expect a lot of tradition at their weddings, as engaged couples are 25 percent more likely to agree that they are more connected to their ethnic heritage than their … [Read more...]

The Health and Wealth of America’s Baby Boomers

As America's Baby Boomers* transition into their retirement years, new business opportunities are arising in order to cater to their changing needs. The fields of finance and healthcare are of particular importance to this group, which make up 32 percent of American adults, as they ready their finances and personal health to prepare to live longer - and hopefully more comfortably - than any … [Read more...]

Financially Overwhelmed- Americans Facing Personal Fiscal Cliff

As talks of avoiding a fiscal cliff continue in Washington, a substantial percentage of American adults are facing their own personal financial precipices. According to a new analysis from Scarborough/GfK MRI Attitudinal Insights, more than one-quarter (27%) of Americans say they are “financially overwhelmed and open to borrowing money.” Fiscal Cliff Adults are Young and Employed These … [Read more...]

Millennials are All About the Benjamins

Scarborough has been providing insights into the illusive Millennial* generation in a series of new analyses. Scarborough's complimentary study uncovers Millennials' unique media trends. The below article addresses finance and spending. Stay tuned for more in our series! The downturn of the American economy had a strong impact on the 20 percent of American adults who are Millennials, many of … [Read more...]




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