Parents-to-Be Focused on Saving for the Future

In addition to growing their family, America’s eight million Parents-to-Be, defined as adults who say they are expecting the birth of a child during the next year are reinforcing and expanding their financial foundation. This consumer group is 45 percent more likely than the average person to have a 529 plan/college savings plan in their household, 38 percent more likely to have a 401k, and 23 … [Read more...]

Nearly 16 Million American Adults Belong to Families that Own a Tablet

Tablet Families are Avid Travelers Seeking Active, Entertaining Vacations Americans enjoying family vacations during the summer are likely packing toothbrushes, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and perhaps a tablet. Seven percent of American adults, more than 15.8 million people, fall into the category of Tablet Families, defined as consumers who own a tablet and have one or more children at home. … [Read more...]

Salt Lake City is America’s Family Town

Salt Lake City might not be the largest market in the U.S. But in terms of family power, it just might be. Salt Lake City is the top local market for people who have four or more children in their household. Eight percent of Salt Lake City adults have four or more kids at home, versus three percent of the total U.S. population. Furthering its reputation as the Big Family City, Salt Lake City is … [Read more...]

Mobile Phone Usage Provides the On-Ramp for Multi-Device Ownership Among Young Families

Have a cell phone? Have young kids? Then you might just have an iPad, a Blu-Ray disc player, VoIP, and a wide variety of other high-tech items in your household, according to Scarborough. A recent analysis of cell phone users with one or more children ages five and under at home, who account for about one-fifth (19 percent) of the mobile phone-using population, finds that technology is a common … [Read more...]

Food Network TV Audiences are Family-Oriented

The Food Network® provides TV audiences with unique meal, various recipe offerings and talented chefs to guide them. Demographic data from a Scarborough analysis on U.S. adults 18 and older who watched the Food Network in the past seven days shows that this group's shopping habits and attitudes about family values may be influenced by their food-loving TV programs. With 39 percent of Food … [Read more...]

The Family of Five: U.S. Markets With Lots of Kids

Walk down the supermarket aisle in certain U.S. cities and you are likely to see more kids riding in the shopping carts or campaigning for cookies than in other local markets. An analysis from Scarborough’s Multi-Market 2012 survey reveals that the five local markets (DMAs*) with the highest percentage of households with kids are all located in the West. Two are in Texas: Houston,  … [Read more...]

Local Tourism: Making Leisure Plans Closer to Home

With the Keep it Local Movement resonating across the country and a desire to be more economical, families are staying close to home for leisure activities such as trips to the local zoo, circus, theme park, or professional sporting event. A new Scarborough analysis shows 19 percent of U.S. adults with two or more children under 17 years of age in the household traveled 100-199 miles in the past … [Read more...]




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