What Motivates The Organic Mind?

According to the Organic Trade Association, organic product sales reached $43 billion in 2015. With an increase of almost 11%, nearly 3 times the growth of the overall food market, the industry has experienced double digit growth for the past four years. More than 50 million, or 1 in 5 persons, regularly buy organic food.  What is fueling this growth? Nielsen Scarborough examined the Organic Food … [Read more...]


The U.S. Open, the final grand slam major tournament of the year, is historically the highest attended and arguably most coveted event in professional tennis.  And this year, the stakes have only gotten higher, with the tournament offering the richest purse in tennis history, a whopping $46.3 million in total prize compensation!  The U.S. Open provides a huge platform for eco-friendly brands and … [Read more...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top 10 Markets: Reusable Shopping Bag Users

As the 46th Annual Earth Day nears, attention will be focused on ways to treat our planet better. One small change that could have enormous impact is converting from plastic to reusable shopping bags. With more the 500 billion plastic bags in circulation annually, we are faced with a catastrophic littering problem as well as a very serious environmental hazard.¹ Plastic bags emit toxic fumes when … [Read more...]

Albuquerque Hispanics’ Green Attitudes

Bordered by the breathtaking Sandia Mountains to the east, with the majestic Rio Grande flowing through its confines, north to south, Albuquerque, NM is the picture perfect place for green attitudes to flourish.  Yet Scarborough’s Albuquerque statistics show that when it comes to cultivating green consumers among the Hispanic population which constitutes the city’s majority, it’s not easy going … [Read more...]

All About the Super Greenies

Everyone seems to be on the green bandwagon in one way or another, yet there is a subset of the eco-friendly population that is setting the landscape for the entire movement. According to Scarborough, five percent of the adult population is “Super Greenies” - those adults who engage in 10 or more green activities, such as recycling, using rechargeable batteries or re-using grocery store bags. … [Read more...]

Jacksonville Locals Swing Back

The state of Florida, and its northernmost metropolitan area, Jacksonville, have been frequent recipients of negative news throughout the Great Recession. With high rates of foreclosure, underwater mortgages and unemployment, the tone of news stories has been less than warm in the sunshine state. But new statistics on Internet usage, shopping patterns, green lifestyles and political leanings of … [Read more...]

All About the Super Greenies

An environmentally-friendly mentality has become a trendy and important trait. According to Scarborough, five percent of the adult population engaged in 10 or more green activities, such as recycling, using rechargeable batteries or re-using grocery store bags. And, these “Super Greenies” are the same people who drive foreign luxury vehicles, spent more than $3,000 in furniture purchases during … [Read more...]




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