Nielsen Scarborough Sales Manager Toolkit: Highlight The Strength Of Newspaper’s Total Audience In Your Market

Even as the audiences for digital platforms continue to grow, readership of the printed newspaper is still strong.  In print and online, newspaper media remain an engaging and powerful way to reach consumers.  When showcasing newspaper readership in your market, it is important to illustrate the powerful role that print plays in the mix, while continuing to feature the key demographic and consumer … [Read more...]

All The Single Ladies: Getting Her To The Polls For The 2016 Election

In 2008 the Grammy award for song of the year went to Beyonce’s "Single Ladies". The song became an anthem for single women who gravitated to the ideals portrayed in the lyrics - “I could care less what you think, I need no permission, did I mention”.   That independent attitude continues to gain momentum as does the size of the single female voter population.   As part of an ongoing series of … [Read more...]

Digital Newspaper Advertising Reaches Key Voter Segments

According to Borrell Associates, online political advertising will reach nearly $1 billion in 2016, over six times that of the previous presidential election. With digital advertising playing a key role in the political arena, newspapers will have a fresh opportunity to showcase the strength of their Digital Newspaper Readers as they represent a prime opportunity for political marketers to reach … [Read more...]

Getting Digital With Gift Splurgers

This key consumer segment is readily available to hear your message at every click or step. Understanding in-market lifestyle habits as well as media and digital shopping patterns will help deliver results. To find out more about reaching the Gift Splurger locally with digital click here.   To learn more about the Nielsen Scarborough , visit our website or contact us … [Read more...]

Grow Support for Public Media by Knowing Current Contributors & Prospective Patrons

Fundraising is always a key goal for public media companies, so how do you keep the attention of current contributors and grow campaigns to attract new potential donors? A new Scarborough analysis examines adults in households that contributed to public television and public radio respectively in the past year and discovered insights, including other types of organizations that these households … [Read more...]

Salt Lake City: Digital Habits and Mobile Behaviors

Salt Lake City is the top local market for Internet Users in the country. Eighty-six percent of adults in this local market went online during the past 30 days, versus 78 percent of total adults. Given this tech prowess, Scarborough profiled the Internet habits and mobile behaviors of Salt Lake City adults. The analysis examines new data that highlights Internet usage by device and mobile habits … [Read more...]




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