Young, Multicultural Consumers Fuel Online Retail Purchasing Growth In Key Categories

Do you  remember the first item you ever purchased online?  Or when you made that purchase? Online retail sales now represents $373 billion dollars or 11% of total retail sales and are expected to increase to over $500 billion by 2020, according to a recent article. Nielsen Scarborough examined online buying categories to see which have experienced the largest growth over the past 5 … [Read more...]

Digital Newspaper Advertising Reaches Key Voter Segments

According to Borrell Associates, online political advertising will reach nearly $1 billion in 2016, over six times that of the previous presidential election. With digital advertising playing a key role in the political arena, newspapers will have a fresh opportunity to showcase the strength of their Digital Newspaper Readers as they represent a prime opportunity for political marketers to reach … [Read more...]

Wine Drinkers Live The Connected Life

Recommended Pairing: Cabernet with Smartphone Whether it’s a crisp pinot grigio with an iPhone, or a smooth zinfandel with an Android, enjoying mobile devices with wine is the new popular pairing in the U.S., according to Nielsen Scarborough alcohol statistics for adults 21+. Smartphone and tablet ownership has soared among Wine Drinkers*, since 2012, increasing 390 percent during that time … [Read more...]

For Grandparents-to-Be, In-Person Service is Important in Financial Planning

Millions of adults across the country are readying for the birth of a grandchild during the next year. For some, that might include revising financial plans to accommodate the new member of the family. For this generation of grandparents, however, in-person service is critical to their financial planning process. Grandparents-to-Be* are: 30% more likely than the average person to have used an … [Read more...]

Today’s Engaged Couples are Diverse and Proud of Their Heritage

Couples headed to the altar this year represent a very culturally diverse set of consumers. They are 40 percent more likely than all consumers to self-identify as Hispanic and two times more likely to self-identify as Black. You can expect a lot of tradition at their weddings, as engaged couples are 25 percent more likely to agree that they are more connected to their ethnic heritage than their … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: The Power of Your Exclusive Audience

We often focus on building our largest possible reach when profiling some of our smaller, niche audiences can prove to be a very telling story.  In this edition of Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit we focus on profiling your exclusive audience. Exclusive audience can have a variety of meanings – exclusive to a major competitor, to all other similar media, to a completely separate media group, … [Read more...]

Nearly 16 Million American Adults Belong to Families that Own a Tablet

Tablet Families are Avid Travelers Seeking Active, Entertaining Vacations Americans enjoying family vacations during the summer are likely packing toothbrushes, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and perhaps a tablet. Seven percent of American adults, more than 15.8 million people, fall into the category of Tablet Families, defined as consumers who own a tablet and have one or more children at home. … [Read more...]

A Quarter of the U.S. Population are Concertgoers

Summer is the season for music festivals and outdoor concerts, so Scarborough analyzed the 25 percent of the U.S. population who are Concertgoers* and found that they are  educated with higher incomes and very active online. That 25 percent is broken down into genres with 12 percent of adults who attended a rock concert in the past year, eight percent attended a country music concert and four … [Read more...]

Home Cooking Dads Are Young, Wealthy & Frequent Coupon Users

Every June, we celebrate the men in our lives and Scarborough is honoring Father’s Day by taking a look at Home Cooking Dads, defined as men who have at least one child in the household who agree with the statement “During a given week, I cook meals frequently," who make up 11 percent of the national population. Scarborough's demographic information shows that Home Cooking Dads tend to be … [Read more...]

Where Are The Next Potential Big Lottery Winners?

What would you do if you won the lottery? It’s exciting to fantasize about how to spend (or save) a fortune and with scratch off tickets readily available- it’s anyone’s game! Scarborough profiled Lottery Ticket Purchasers, or people who bought a scratch-off lottery ticket in the past 30 days for more demographic data and insights into the next potential big lottery winners. Other than playing … [Read more...]




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