Trendsetting Shopper – Puerto Rico

It may be 80 degrees in Puerto Rico, but holiday shopping is just heating up.   And with every holiday season comes a wish list which includes the hottest-selling, must have gifts.  But did you ever wonder who is responsible for making those gifts the must-haves of the season?  Nielsen Scarborough examined the Trendsetting Shopper, adults 18+ who buy products earlier than most of their friends and … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Scarborough Has You Covered With Obamacare Marketing Insights

Obamacare has arrived and it’s clear that there are new consumer healthcare marketing opportunities at hand. Insurers know this, and are no doubt executing strategic marketing accordingly. Want to connect with these new ad dollars? Scarborough has you covered in growing your healthcare revenue with in-depth insights on American attitudes and healthcare usage as outlined in the one-sheet example … [Read more...]

Frequent Digital Display Viewers Have the Auto Industry on Their Minds

Eighty-nine percent of the U.S. population drive cars as their primary mode of transportation, making the auto industry a space to reach the vast majority of the nation with your messaging. Scarborough local market insights show that messages that build excitement in one market, however, may not hit the “hot button” for adults in another market, upping the importance of localized ads, including … [Read more...]

Scarborough Sports Fan Rankings: Packers Continue Their Reign

If you have spent time in the state of Wisconsin, you know how the Green Bay Packers® dominate the hearts and minds of folks in America’s Dairyland. Scarborough Sports backs up this observation with our local market insights. When defining a fan, Scarborough uses a combination of adults in a market who have watched a team on television, attended a game in person, or listened to a game on the … [Read more...]

15% of U.S. Adults Are Getting Organized With Mobile

A young father monitors his daughter and golden retriever as they play tug-of-war with a rope toy. With their attention successfully diverted, the dad goes online with his iPad and uses a coupon to buy a new tie for a special business dinner. That kind of mobile, multitasking scene is played out in countless ways all across the U.S. by people engaged in their own career/family “tug of war” – … [Read more...]

Automotive Orphans Lean Towards Used Car Purchases

Automotive Orphans Turn to Pre-Owned Vehicles The term “Automotive Orphans” is not as dire as it sounds. Some owners of vehicles no longer manufactured enjoy participation in clubs and social media circles that celebrate their car’s late, great status. And, when those vehicles become rare and vintage, Automotive Orphans enter a new, exclusive phase of the car marketplace. But for new … [Read more...]

Active Travelers Maintain Active Lifestyles

Fourteen percent of U.S. adults are Active Travelers, defined by Scarborough as people who completely agree with the statement “I frequently choose active vacations with lots to do.” These consumers are 40 percent more likely than all U.S. adults to be Millennials (ages 18-29) and 13 percent more likely to have a household income of $250,000 or more. The top local market where you'll find Active … [Read more...]

Food Network TV Audiences are Family-Oriented

The Food Network® provides TV audiences with unique meal, various recipe offerings and talented chefs to guide them. Demographic data from a Scarborough analysis on U.S. adults 18 and older who watched the Food Network in the past seven days shows that this group's shopping habits and attitudes about family values may be influenced by their food-loving TV programs. With 39 percent of Food … [Read more...]

Cincinnati- More than Just a City in a Swing State

Ohio may be on the fence when it comes to presidential candidates; it’s a so-called swing state, and the focus of a great deal of attention by both President Barack Obama and his GOP challenger, Gov. Mitt Romney. But one of the state’s largest markets, Cincinnati, is filled with adults who have strong opinions about some other topics. For example, they are extremely passionate about sports; … [Read more...]




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