Brainstorming Smartphone Brand Extensions

As media companies pull out the stops to make the best of a choppy economy, digital media is playing a critical role. That was made clear at the Media Financial Management Association’s annual conference in Las Vegas. Among the speakers was Bruce Reese, president and CEO of Hubbard Radio.  As he explained: “At our company, and a lot of others in the business, the growth has come from the … [Read more...]

The Role of Out-of-Home in the Miami Wireless Market

Competition for consumer dollars in the wireless industry is as heated as ever. Smartphones are getting even more robust and carriers are enhancing their options to attract an increasingly elusive customer base.  Twenty-eight percent of all consumers nationally now own a smartphone and it is clear that manufacturers and carriers alike need to remain creative in building brand loyalty because 10 … [Read more...]

A Look at Mobile Payment Plans for Non-Credit* Consumers

A recent analysis by Scarborough examined cell phone statistics on mobile billing for “non-credit” using consumers, or those adults who did not use a credit card in the past three months. More than one-quarter (26 percent) of these non-credit cellular users are on prepaid usage plans. Seventy-five percent receive their bill each month. “Prepaid plans have historically been targeted to … [Read more...]




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