Creating the Perfect Combo: QSR And Location-Based Advertising

The heavy saturation of the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry requires brands to be proactive and innovative when trying to attract customers.  Mobile advertising is a key way to reach customers who frequently visit their locations.  While many QSRs currently use geo-targeting to send mobile ads to potential customers in a designated range around a location, creating advertising that will … [Read more...]

Democrat Voter Base Highly Influenced by Celebrity Endorsements

Democrats's voter behavior is more influenced by celebrity endorsement  than Republicans or Independents, according to Scarborough. But statistics find celebrity endorsements do not necessarily translate into actual votes. Scarborough examined “Voters Influenced By Celebrity”* - those registered voters who say that celebrity endorsements influence them to buy a product. Voters Influenced By … [Read more...]

How Celebrity Endorsement Ads Influence Men’s Fashion Shopping

Increasingly, younger men are becoming the focus of outreach initiatives in brand categories not previously associated with male interests - fashion and beauty products. As marketers and advertisers work to get their messages noticed, many are using celebrity endorsement ads to get their appeals to pop. In order to illuminate how effective this tactic might be for men's fashion shopping, … [Read more...]




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