Ten Ways to Make Smarter Bets on Casino Visitors

  In this new complimentary study and infographic, Scarborough provides an analysis of two different target audiences that are meaningful to the casino industry - adults age 21+ and Casino Visitors (the 34% of adults 21+ who visited a casino in the past 12 months). By upping the ante on your outreach strategy with messaging tailored to the interests, activities and gambling habits of … [Read more...]

Living Like a Local in Vegas: The Casinos, Restaurants and Activities Loved by the Locals

According to Scarborough, eight percent of the U.S. adult population visited Las Vegas during the past year, making it one of America’s top tourist destinations. Since “living like a local” is appealing when traveling, Scarborough used local data to highlight the casinos, restaurants and activities popular to Las Vegas residents. According to Scarborough Las Vegas data: You are likely to find … [Read more...]




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