Financially Overwhelmed- Americans Facing Personal Fiscal Cliff

As talks of avoiding a fiscal cliff continue in Washington, a substantial percentage of American adults are facing their own personal financial precipices. According to a new analysis from Scarborough/GfK MRI Attitudinal Insights, more than one-quarter (27%) of Americans say they are “financially overwhelmed and open to borrowing money.” Fiscal Cliff Adults are Young and Employed These … [Read more...]

Millennials are All About the Benjamins

Scarborough has been providing insights into the illusive Millennial* generation in a series of new analyses. Scarborough's complimentary study uncovers Millennials' unique media trends. The below article addresses finance and spending. Stay tuned for more in our series! The downturn of the American economy had a strong impact on the 20 percent of American adults who are Millennials, many of … [Read more...]

75% of Mobile Payment Prospects Agree that Technology Makes Their Life More Organized

Which consumers might be most amenable to advertising and outreach from mobile payment services?  To answer that question, a logical starting place is to understand the breakdown of Americans who are currently smartphone owners and online bill payers. Scarborough's insights reveal that 17 percent of American adults can be defined as Mobile Payment Prospects; adults who own a smartphone and live in … [Read more...]

Atypical Banking Goes Local

According to our new study, Atypical Bankers represent 10 percent of the U.S. adult population. Though banking behaviors typically differ across the United States, when we look at the patterns found in the top local markets for Superbanked and Unbanked Consumers, it is clear that certain areas of America are inclined towards particular banking styles. Atypical Bankers fall into two categories – … [Read more...]

Money Management Methods of America’s Superbanked and Unbanked

The American banking industry is subject to many different kinds of consumer trends. In a new complimentary study, Scarborough has identified that 10 percent of American adults are Atypical Bankers – they are either Superbanked or Unbanked. Scarborough defines Superbanked Consumers as U.S. adults who live in a household that has multiple assets accounts at financial institutions. They make up … [Read more...]

Unbanked and Superbanked Consumers at the Polls

This election year, decisions that affect people’s bank accounts will resonate as a top priority for most American adults. Many adults, however, engage in banking patterns that are different from that of a typical American. According to our new study, Atypical Bankers represent 10 percent of the U.S. adult population. According to Scarborough, Atypical Bankers fall into two categories – … [Read more...]




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