Asian-Americans Shine In The South

From 2009 to 2014 the Asian-American population grew 25% to become 20.5 million strong.  By 2019, it is expected to increase to 25.7 million, according to Nielsen’s Asian-American Consumer 2016 Report: Asian-Americans: Culturally Diverse and Expanding Their Footprint. The Southern census region has experienced the largest growth, 33%, with more than 4.6 million Asian-Americans currently living … [Read more...]

Automotive Orphans Lean Towards Used Car Purchases

Automotive Orphans Turn to Pre-Owned Vehicles The term “Automotive Orphans” is not as dire as it sounds. Some owners of vehicles no longer manufactured enjoy participation in clubs and social media circles that celebrate their car’s late, great status. And, when those vehicles become rare and vintage, Automotive Orphans enter a new, exclusive phase of the car marketplace. But for new … [Read more...]

Scarborough Local Advertising Spotlight On Ohio: Auto Dealerships, Home Improvement Retailers & Hospitals

Just like all state economies across the country, Ohio has endured its knocks during the Great Recession. Regional business owners have been forced to make tough decisions regarding budgets, including advertising and marketing line items. But, as winter in the Rust Belt begins to thaw, consumer interest in household expenditures such as buying cars or tackling a big home improvement project … [Read more...]

Brand Loyal Vehicle Customers

Do you love your car? According to a market analysis of consumer attitudes, 12 percent of U.S. adults are Vehicle Brand Loyal Customers - they agree completely that they are loyal to their vehicle brands and stick with them. Additionally, Vehicle Brand Loyal Customers are ideal customers as they are more than three times as likely as all U.S. adults to agree completely that they generally purchase … [Read more...]

Hispanic Newspaper Readers: A High-Income, Educated Demographic with Spending Power

U.S. Hispanic Newspaper Readers are a high-income and educated consumer group with spending power in major advertising categories such as automotive and retail, according to Scarborough. This new analysis examines the demographic attributes, retail and automotive spending activities, and financial services used by the 53 percent of Hispanic adults who read a newspaper in print or online during the … [Read more...]

Finding the Domestic New Vehicle Consumer

Successful automotive marketing campaigns rely on a balance between national-level brand building strategies and local market dealer-level tactical implementation. This automotive consumer report from Scarborough helps better understand today’s Domestic New Vehicle Owner and this information can be helpful to anyone involved in local advertising sales, as well as manufacturers, marketers, local … [Read more...]

Applications for Automotive Insights

Scarborough’s automotive data can be applied to many different business models and industries. Whether you are interested in understanding the competitive landscape in your market, creating effective promotions with a dealership, or focusing direct marketing efforts on a custom trade area, Scarborough’s data analyzes your consumers’ lifestyles and purchasing behaviors and gives you a 360 view of … [Read more...]

The American Auto Industry is Back!

During his State of the Union Address, President Obama proudly proclaimed that “the American auto industry is back!” – and Scarborough excitedly concurs. According to our new study on Domestic New Vehicle Owners, 42% of American households that own domestic new vehicles either plan to purchase a new vehicle in the next 12 months or already own a domestic new vehicle which was purchased in model … [Read more...]

The Road Ahead – Media and Technology In the Car

Although radio remains the king of all in-car media, the in-car media and entertainment landscape is becoming far more complex with myriad new technologies and devices being launched. Scarborough examines the current digital devices and platforms being used in cars and provides an in-depth comparison of music and radio listening options. According to Scarborough: 40 percent of consumers are … [Read more...]




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