Madison Avenue Says “Thank You, Mom”

Procter & Gamble’s award-winning “Thank You, Mom” campaign is back, but it’s Madison Avenue who should be thanking moms. That’s because Moms* represent an atypical consumer group: adults who view advertising as something that is useful and enjoyable.  This is especially true if the ad delivers information on bargains or new products. The platform does not matter much to Moms. They are open to … [Read more...]

Charitable Families Spend as They Give

America’s Charitable Families are huge spenders, primarily at the grocery store, buying premium organic items and 44 percent agree they are “spenders, not savers.” Charitable Families – defined by Scarborough as parents of children under 18 who volunteered or made a financial contribution to military, religious or social charity organizations/a welfare organization during the past year - … [Read more...]

3 in 5 American Adults Dined at Fast Food Restaurants 4 or More Times in Past Month

Fast Food Dining Hugely Popular in Lexington, KY and Indianapolis, IN, Scarborough Previews “Off-Hour Fast Food Eaters” Seventy-three percent of adults in Lexington, KY and Indianapolis, IN dined at fast food restaurants four or more times during the past month, making these the top two cities for Fast Food Regulars*. Nationally, about three in five Americans (59%) visit fast food … [Read more...]

Hispanics with Teens at Home Are Open to Mobile Advertising

Hispanics with teens, ages 12-17, in the household are more likely to be open to receiving advertising on their mobile phone than other Hispanics, according to Scarborough's Hispanic market research with an analysis of cell phone statistics and attitudinal consumer data. This is particularly the case if the advertiser offers a benefit to the user in return. Scarborough finds that Hispanics with … [Read more...]

Patriotic Families Think Red, White & Blue When It Comes To Shopping Behaviors

As our nation's birthday nears, we want to feature a consumer profile on the patriotic people, specifically families, who agree that buying American products is important to them.  Patriotic Families, defined as adults who have at least one child under 17 in the household that mostly agree with the statement “buying American products is important to me”, make up 38 percent of the U.S. population … [Read more...]

Where Are The Next Potential Big Lottery Winners?

What would you do if you won the lottery? It’s exciting to fantasize about how to spend (or save) a fortune and with scratch off tickets readily available- it’s anyone’s game! Scarborough profiled Lottery Ticket Purchasers, or people who bought a scratch-off lottery ticket in the past 30 days for more demographic data and insights into the next potential big lottery winners. Other than playing … [Read more...]

Fast Food Consumer Trends Show QSR to be More Than Just Grab & Go

Fast food can be thought of as an option for life on the go.  Scarborough analyzed quick service restaurant statistics to see what motivates Fast Foodies, or people who have used a quick service restaurant 10 or more times in the past 30 days. It appears that for this group, choosing fast food is more than just a quick fix. While 50 percent of Fast Foodies agree with the statement “Often, I eat … [Read more...]




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